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MySpace and Facebook make spying on your sweetie easy — and no one has to know. But "MyStalking" or "Facestalking" can spark jealousy when an insecure person blows up something that's really nothing.

Readers responded to a story on couples using social-networking sites to spy on each other — and the consequences. Some like Katie from Plymouth, Minn., wrote in about becoming obsessive over their partner's profile.

"At first I wanted my fiancé to get a MySpace profile because I thought it would be fun. But, after he finally got one, I started getting nervous even though I didn't have any reason to be jealous. Since I knew/know his MySpace password, I started checking his MySpace page before he'd get home from work and if there were any females requesting a friendship with him (for sure the "slutty" looking ones), I deleted them."

But some readers say spying on these sites can even break upa relationship. It did just that to David Blodgett from Montgomery, Ala.

"In March of 2007, the love of my life discovered I had a MySpace page and that I had three women on my page that were some years younger than we were. When my girlfriend discovered the page, she forced me to move from her home and out of her life and told me to never return again."

But others say the spying can do good. Melinda from Houston says it helped her catch her cheating boyfriend.

"I was dating a man for a year when we found out we were both on MySpace. He invited me to be his friend, and after viewing his page, I found something very interesting: He had a girlfriend living in Maryland. And all the while, he told me that I was the only one he was seeing."

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"I was totally shocked to see my wife's MySpace page ... that is when I found out that she was 'single and does not want children.' I was hurt, upset and disappointed."

"I'm the victim of a jealous person on MySpace. I was dating a guy 10 years ago. He was in the military and we broke up, very soon after that he married another girl. We just got back in touch late last year through MySpace and the very first night we were back in contact his now ex-wife was posting comments on his page designed specifically to mess with me. Her jealousy of a woman she'd never met and who was out of the picture before she even entered it ruined any chance my ex and I had to have a friendship."
Monique, Farmington, Minn.

"I never spied on my ex-girlfriend when she was on MySpace, but now I wish I had. We were together for three years, but she ended up cheating on me and leaving me for a plumber that she met on MySpace."
Chris Freiberg, Fairbanks, Alaska

"I went to Europe for a year, mainly to Ireland, and when I checked out a MySpace page my girlfriend had, which a friend had told me of, though my girl did not, I was shocked to see almost-nude photos of her."
Hank Wait, Cleveland

"It almost ended our marriage. We had been in our first year of marriage and getting used to sharing everything. Well, I had a MySpace account and so did she and we both found out that we were having conversations that we should not be having. We came very close to splitting up and just ending things so soon into our new lives. We decided to delete our accounts and be totally open and honest with each other and since then it's like we're dating all over again."
— Erick Gooder, Elkridge, Md.

"MySpace ruined my last relationship. I thought I would keep it under control by sharing one profile with my ex-girlfriend so I could keep an eye on who sent her friend requests and stuff like that ... and there would always be these random guys that would just show up one day. I would ask who they were and she would reply by saying they were 'just friends.' As a guy I know that a guy is never 'just a friend' ... ever! Then one day she tells me she can't be my girlfriend anymore and split. Where did she end up just one week later: In Vegas with her 'just a friend.'"
— Ryan, Laguna Beach, Calif.

"Wow, I have the most awesome girlfriend. She is never jealous — for the most part. But ever since I have been on MySpace, we have fought about it. It is almost as I am cheating on her with MySpace. I have set the expectation with her that I have female friends that I talk to regularly. But if they are on my MySpace page, she hates them."
Mike, Indianapolis

"It's so common on MySpace and Facebook to look at old exes and current boyfriends. When my ex and I were together he was leaving comments on my best friend's profile and I didn't say anything because it didn't bother me, but when he left me for her, I catch myself looking at both their pages occasionally. I end up getting irritated too so I don't know why I do it too myself."
Loressa, New York

"I had to close my MySpace account due to the obsessiveness with my ex and vice versa. It got really ugly. But it was the best thing that could have happened. It made us both realize it was time to move on without the doubts of what if? The funny thing is my boyfriend now has MySpace and I don't, but I don't spy on him. It really is based on trust."

"MySpace and Facebook don't 'make me' become jealous! Facebook and MySpace are merely vehicles allowing one to keep track of others more closely and with unlimited frequency. They only make it easier to 'peek.' Jealousy is an issue of the heart. It does not come from outside of ourselves — it comes from within. We cannot help but be jealous at times. Facebook and MySpace only allow jealousy to be inflated and for the lustful craving of knowledge of the other person to be fed. We are defiled creatures shut up in sin and in need of a Savior."
Rob Armstrong, Charlotte, N.C.

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