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Bush housing plan a home run?

Will Sen. Craig resign?

Fighting fires in the West

Miss. abortion clinic fights to stay open

For soldiers, coming home is hard too

Harry: 'We think of her every day'

'Max's Positive Vibe' helps others

Links and extras
Bush outlines plans to help homeowners
NBC: Tony Snow speaks candidly about cancer
Audio of Sen. Craig arrest reveals new details
-- Read transcript of the police interview
-- PDF: Larry Craig’s arrest report
Blog: The men and women who fight fires
NBC in the field: Photo gallery
In Miss., an effective attack against abortion
Blog: Abortion fight plays out on one street
Blog: For reunited military families, a 'new normal'
After Beckham's injury, should MLS do refunds?
--Slideshow: The life of Becks
Remembering Princess Di | Share your memories

Thursday, Aug. 30
Tale of Craig’s arrest tape
Panel: System failed at Va. Tech
Western heat wave strains power
Clinton’s donor problem
To China for stem cell treatment
Kurdistan: The other Iraq
Remembering 'The People’s Princess'

Links and Extras
'System failed' at Va. Tech, says governor
--Read Va. Tech panel’s key findings
--Full report from governor’s panel
-- Va. Tech panel: Monitor threatening students
Audio of Sen. Craig arrest reveals new details
--Read transcript of the police interview
-- Lawmakers call for Sen. Craig’s resignation
--PDF: Larry Craig’s arrest report
--1999 Meet the Press appearance

Wednesday, Aug. 29
Gulf marks Katrina anniversary
The changing face of New Orleans
Fallout from the Craig scandal
String of bomb threats to retail stores
Second worst year for West Nile?
'We are the Putin generation’
Checking in on Katrina victims

Links and Extras
Bush visits Gulf Coast on Katrina anniversary
-- Photos: Then and now
Brian remembers the first days of Katrina
Lawmakers call for Sen. Craig’s resignation
-- Rich history of Washington scandal
--PDF: Larry Craig’s arrest report
--1999 Meet the Press appearance
Olympics bombing figure Richard Jewell dies
Do you have a question for Richard Engel?

Tuesday, Aug. 28
Senator denies he’s gay
Fallout from Craig’s arrest
Katrina-hit Biloxi bets on its future
Weighing pros, cons of narcotics
Fires write a Greek tragedy
After Katrina — then and now

Links and Extras
Hurricane Katrina: Two years later
Photos then and now
Sen. Craig’s future in question
--PDF: Larry Craig’s arrest report
1999 Meet the Press appearance
Foreign fire crews join Greek fight
--Images: Fires race through Greece
Painkiller abuse rising at alarming rate
--Discuss: What can be done to stop abuse?
DailyNightly: In the courtroom, Vick looked lost
Do you have a question for Richard Engel?

Monday, Aug. 27
Gonzales resigns
Gonzales’ legacy
Is arson behind Greek fires?
Military offers bonuses for recruits
Tips for disgruntled travelers
There’s no place like home
Sons find fallen father's WWII sub

Links and Extras
Greek fires kill dozens
--Images: Fires race through Greece
Travel nightmare: Going nowhere fast
-- Got a travel nightmare to share?
-- 7 lessons learned from the summer of 2007
-- Vote: Will next year be any better?
Hurricane Katrina: Two years later
DailyNightly: In the courtroom, Vick looked lost
More on the search for the USS Grunion
Do you have a question for Richard Engel?

Sunday, Aug. 26
Survivors and onlookers recount balloon tragedy
Road-side sculptures save small town
Flooded Midwest hit by new storms
Does progress vindicate Bush’s Iraq policy?
Vick faces hefty punishment
Katrina relief program failing to deliver
A show of unity within Iraq’s government
Is Vick being unfairly punished?
Greek fires threaten Olympic birthplace

Links and Extras
Latest on Chicago storms
--Send us your photos of the floods
Fallen firefighter honored
YouTube videos seen on the broadcast
--Otters in love, dramatic squirrel,
the view of Hurricane Dean from space
More images of and from the cosmos
More of the interview with Mavis Staples
-- Behind-the-scenes photos

Saturday, Aug. 25
Fires rage across Greece
Hot air balloon tragedy
Midwest looks for relief
Amid flood disaster, a hero rises
Tapes reveal bridge collapse horror
Can Iraqi PM mend fences?
New Orleans still at risk
Communicating a crisis
Adventurer with a cause

Friday, Aug. 24
More Midwest weather woes
Floods put small town Ohio underwater
Military men split on war
Edwards gets aggressive?
Audio tapes reveal jets nearly crashing
Making a difference by taking the field
Otters in love and other YouTube hits
Soul legend Mavis Staples

Links and Extras
Latest on Chicago storms
--Send us your photos of the floods
Fallen firefighter honored
YouTube videos seen on the broadcast
--Otters in love, dramatic squirrel,
the view of Hurricane Dean from space
--More images of and from the cosmos
More of the interview with Mavis Staple
-- Behind-the-scenes photos

Thursday, Aug. 23
Agony of Mother Teresa
Troop withdrawal?
Potential political fallout
Flooding in Ohio
Minnesota dries out
Dealing with foreclosures
New sunscreen rules
'Gold Star Mother'
Greening your closet

Links and Extras
U.S. report doubts Iraq leaders  
Warner: Bush should begin Iraq withdrawal
Sunscreen may get a tougher rating system
-- Skin cancer: How much do you know?
Midwest misery: More rain and heat
-- Send us your photos of the floods
Do you have a question for Richard Engel?

Wednesday, Aug. 22
Seniors staying sexually active
State of emergency in flooded Midwest
Ohio couple picks up pieces after flood
Bush compares Iraq to Vietnam
Questions surround al-Maliki
DEA: Web fueling painkiller abuse
Crossing the border for dental care
Brad Pitt works to revive New Orleans

Links and Extras
Hundreds of homes hit by Midwest flooding
-- Send us your photos of the damage
Brad Pitt shares hopes for New Orleans
--Global Green USA's Holy Cross Project
--Take a virtual tour of a Global Green house
--Rising from Ruins: Rebuilding after Katrina
Seniors staying sexually active
-- Tips, more of Dr. Ruth interview
-- Vote: Does sex get better with age?
-- Weigh in: How do you keep the romance alive?
--Do you have a sexless marriage?
Do you have a question for Richard Engel?

Tuesday, Aug. 21
America’s top dogs
Dean slams into Mexico
Feeling the wrath of Dean
Massive floods inundate Midwest
Report details CIA failures
Al-Qaida spreads across the Web
Utah miners left for dead
Iran frees American woman
What do college freshmen really know?

Links and Extras
Hurricane Dean: Track the storm
-- First Person: Viewer photos of the destruction | Submit yours
--Sanders: In Chetumal, sighs of relief
What do college freshmen really know?
-- Full Beloit College Mindset survey
PDF of full report: CIA report on 9/11
Iranian-American freed from prison

Monday, Aug. 20
Airline delays couple for 3 days
Hurricane Dean heads west
Mexico prepares for Hurricane Dean
Jamaicans pick up the pieces after Dean
Flash flooding wreaks havoc in Midwest
Campuses tighten security after Va. Tech
Death trap at Ground Zero
Fallen firefighter: In his own words
Galveston, Texas: In harm’s way?

Links and Extras
Hurricane Dean: Track the storm
-- First Person: Viewer photos of the destruction | Submit yours
--Sanders: Heading toward Hurricane Dean
Conditions hindered NY fire fight
--Brian Williams: Add 2 more to 9/11 death toll?
Virginia Tech dedicates victims' memorial | New tragedy

Sunday, Aug. 19
Hurricane Dean hits Jamaica
Texas prepares for hurricane
After Wall Street’s wild ride
Military’s changing colors
Fire at Ground Zero kills two
Two succeeded the old-fashioned way

Saturday, Aug. 18
Dean gains strength
Hurricane’s projected path
Texas braces for Dean
Setback for mine rescue
Tide turning against al-Qaida in Iraq?
Reagan aide dies
Town rebuilds from ground up
Inside a Chinese toy market  
Special dogs and unusual trainers work together

Friday, Aug 17
Search for trapped miners on hold
Rising death toll for miners?
Hurricane Dean now a Category 3
Will the market rally keep going?
Peru town devastated by quake
La. school struggles with racial tension
Fred Thompson sure looks like a candidate
Working to protect a national treasure

Links and Extras
Underground mine search on hold
Slideshow| Discuss the rescue effort
Hurricane tracker: Dean and Flossie
Peru quake: Church turns to rubble during mass
FirstPerson photos, stories

Thursday, Aug. 16
Devastation and destruction in Iraq
Market volatility continues on Wall Street
The root of the problems on Wall Street
Stormy weather approaches
Padilla convicted on terror charges
A ray of hope for missing miners?
A housing boom amid the bust
President Bush's daughter to marry

Wednesday, Aug. 15
Prosthetics advances making life easier
Markets continue to sag
Bombings called worst of Iraq war
The Middle East's great divide
FDA warns about cough and cold medicine
Massive fallout over massive toy recall
First storms of season threaten U.S. coasts
The naysayers of global warming
Crowning the best Elvis impersonator

Links and Extras
Iraq blasts deadliest of war
World Blog: Ancient sect in the crosshairs
U.S. general to call for Iraq pullbacks
GI: Sergeant beat Iraq detainee with bat
U.S. soldier’s guide to Iraq—circa 1943

Mattel issues massive toy recall
List of recalled toys
Vote: Will you still buy toys made in China?
Discuss: Is more testing of toys needed?
Fact file: The health effects of lead poisoning
Blog: 'Total recall' China-style

Stocks fall despite Fed's $7 billion 'repo'
Your thoughts: Will Dow end year above 14,000?

Graceland finally embraces Elvis impersonators
The roots, and shoots, of Elvis Presley
MSN.com: The King lives — on DVD
Slide show: Elvis Presley (1935-1977)

Tuesday, Aug. 14
Mattel calls for massive toy recall
How will recalls affect China's production?
Suicide attacks cause major bloodshed in Iraq
Major offensive on Pakistan-Afghan border
New Orleans works to woo teachers
Wild weather wraps the country
The 'bridge doctor' works to prevent disaster

Mattel issues massive toy recall
List of recalled toys
Vote: Will you still buy toys made in China?
Discuss: Is more testing of toys needed?
Fact file: The health effects of lead poisoning
Blog: 'Total recall' China-style
Why is airline travel so bad?
How to stop the sad customer-service slide
Vote: What can be done to improve service?
Discuss: Tell us your travel horror story

Monday, Aug. 13
Karl Rove announces resignation from White House
Search for missing miners continues
Do you have enough milk money?
Do vitamins deliver sufficient nutrients?
A new 'cold war' brewing
Summer camp for autistic kids is 'What Works'

Links & Extras
Karl Rove to leave White House
The Rove legacy in decline
Discuss: Have we seen last of Karl Rove?
Interactive: Inside the Bush White House
NASA weighs shuttle repair options
NASA: Piece of foam struck shuttle
FirstPerson: Your picture-perfect liftoffs
Discuss: Is space program worth the risk?
Camp for autistic children is 'What Works'
Blog: Camp opens silent world of autistic kids
More from our good ideas series
Sunday, Aug. 12
Trouble for the Endeavour?
Holding out hope for the miners
Iowa straw poll brings GOP surprise
Inside look at the Dow’s volatile week
Remembering Merv Griffin
America’s aging infrastructure
Whodunit mystery deepens in Florida
Anne Ford, advocate for people with disabilities

Saturday, Aug. 11
Utah mine shows no sign of life
Examining damage to shuttle tiles
All eyes on Iowa
Bush makes new French connection
Saying goodbye to slain N.J. students
Making green power in the high desert
Big Ben's sounds of silence
Meet the 'baby whisperer'

Friday, Aug. 10
Did mine rescue drill miss the mark in Utah?
Rough ride on Wall Street
Immigration reform takes a new tack
Bringing back the elm
Wounded civilian finds rough road
Nicolas Sarkozy's American vacation
Meet the 'baby whisperer'

Thursday, Aug. 9
Some mortgage borrowers getting desperate
Will small hole help rescue trapped miners?
Past Prime Minister gains new footing in Pakistan
Dramatic turn in Newark murder case
Will the primary calendar get a shakeup?
Candidate spouses in the spotlight
Heartburn drugs scrutinized for safety
They've left the guns and taken the cannoli

Links & Extras
Markets swoon under mortgage worries
Your thoughts: Will Dow end year above 14,000?

Latest news on Minneapolis bridge collapse

Newsweek: Into the abyss of Utah mine collapse

More of Ann Curry's interview with Benazir Bhutto
Can Pakistan's Musharraf weather the storm?
Former Prime Minister Bhutto on talks with Musharraf

Is there a primary-calendar shakeup looming?
First Read: South Carolina steps it up

Wednesday, Aug. 8
New York City region hit hard by storm
Heat wave continues across much of U.S.
Endeavour lifts off
Relief still days away for trapped miners
Global human trafficking hits home
Is there a reason you shop the way you do?
China goes all out in Olympic preparations

Links & Extras
Storm wallops New York City
WNBC coverage of the storm
Check weather and forecasts around the world
Send us your extreme weather photos, video
After 22 years, space teacher has her day
Endeavour to fulfill space teacher’s dream
First lady calls educator-astronaut
Cosmic Log: Teachers in space
Trapped miners could get lifeline in 2 days
Utah mine executive, seismologists butt heads
After Sago, mine reforms slow to take effect
Dateline: Sex trafficked: Anna's story
China begins Olympic preparations
Blog: Beijing starts countdown to '08
Behind-the-scenes as Today goes to Beijing

Tuesday, Aug. 7
Tony Snow speaks candidly about cancer
Utah mine rescue effort continues
Dems to do battle at Soldier Field
NASA tries to clear alcohol allegations
The public personal struggle of Tony Snow
Three dead as heat wave builds
Is global warming to blame for extreme weather?
Are educational videos good for young kids?

Links & Extras
Heat wave rises in parts of U.S.
U.N.: Record extreme weather in 2007
Natural Resources Defense Council
Beach closures and beach pollution
NRDC map: Water quality at 100 top U.S. beaches
Pollution prompts record beach closings
NBC News Exclusive
David Gregory interviews Tony Snow
Are educational DVDs bad for your baby?

Monday, Aug. 6
Rescue efforts underway for trapped miners
Bridge rebuilding put on fast track
What happened to U.S. weapons in Iraq?
On-time flights drop to record lows
Abortion takes lead in GOP campaigning
Is your e-mail inbox out of control?
Friends become murder victims in New Jersey

Links & Extras
Six Utah miners missing
Minnesota puts bridge rebuild on fast track
Discuss: Share your thoughts
Sketches of those missing
Bios of bridge collapse victims
High-tech tools in search
Analysis: Bush as comforter-in-chief
Flight delays hit 13-year high
Discuss: What do you think about air travel?
Vote: Who's to blame for the airline mess?
What to do with too much e-mail?
'Do not e-mail' site hawked in spam
'Clicked' blog: E-mail R.I.P.

Sunday, Aug. 5
Search, recovery and prayers in Minn.
Despite the drop, violence in Baghdad continues
Republicans debate, criticize Obama
Teacher finally goes to space
A building boom in Tijuana
Iraqi artists make art out of chaos

Saturday, Aug. 4
Pres. Bush promises to expedite Minn. bridge rebuild
Bridge collapse missings’ families cling to hope
Brutal week of partisan warfare in Congress
Democratic hopefuls gather at YearlyKos
Long, hot, dry summer in Baghdad
Hotels go green
Madeleine McCann sighted in Belgium?
Community bets on an 18-year-old farmer

Friday, Aug. 3
Challenges in Minn. recovery effort
Truss bridges more susceptible to failure
Are other U.S. bridges safe?
Cramer on stocks plunge
'Worst flooding in living memory'
Obama draws fire for statements on nukes
School bus hero adjusts to limelight

Links & Extras
Latest on Minn. bridge collapse
Map: Aging, obsolete bridges state-by-state
Obama's statements on nukes draws fire
Dangerous weather in South Asia

Thursday, Aug. 2
Many still missing in Minneapolis
School bus rescue
First responder recalls scene at bridge
NTSB braces for complex investigation
Chinese-made toys recalled
The politics of bridges

Wednesday, Aug. 1
Doctors find coma breakthrough for one man
Rumsfeld, generals grilled in Tillman hearing
An exit from Iraq — at some point
Where do things stand politically in the U.S.?
Housing stats again drag down markets
Episcopal Church divided over social issues
Student project aims to save coral reefs

Links & Extras
NBC/WSJ Poll: Clinton, Giuliani widen leads
Growing coral to save Florida's reefs
Space photos: A spotless sun, a frosty Mars
Prime Minister Gordon Brown talks about
Foreign policy
British-U.S. relations
What it's like to be Prime Minister
What the British press is saying
The Guardian
News Blog from The Guardian


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