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Submitted by Andrea Abbott
We had a going away party for Drew and his friend before they deployed to Iraq in April.
Submitted by elaine desimone
sgt. desimone with his grand daughter katrina on august 19 a day before he got deployed to iraq.
Submitted by MaryJo Hayden
As a parent of a Marine, we can tell our stories all day long.  However, unless you serve our country, have served our country, or love someone who is serving our country - our world will never be understood by those on the outside looking in.
Submitted by Lonnie Mullen
Camp Victory, Iraq Febuary 2006
Submitted by Janet McQuire
My son's name is Staff Sgt. Justin D. Miller, Apache Troop, 4/9 Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division.  His wife's name is Wendy and his daughter, age 3, is Aliyah. The family photo was taken just before he left for Iraq.
Submitted by Anonymous
Justsin, Jayden and Preston
Submitted by Beverly Perlson
My very brave Son, Sgt. White, 82nd Airborne, hugging me, his mother, Beverly Perlson.
Submitted by Peggy Quick
This is a picture of Matt and his 4 year old cousin at the airport where we were allowed to go to the gate when his flight landed and he returned home on his leave. Matt and Garrett are best buds and as you can see Garrett did not forget his cousin matt
Submitted by Nichole Roderick
matthew roderick
Submitted by Cara Rotter
Return 2004
Submitted by Lew Schrawyer
The picture is Mike with his mother. Mike is from India.
Submitted by Allyson Schreiber
My husband is stationed in Baumholder, Germany, and was deployed to Hit, Iraq in January, 2006. He returned home on February 10, 2007, after being gone 13 months. We have 2 boys, a 9-year old and 2-year old. I think being stationed overseas proved to be more difficult on myself and the children as we didn't have the luxury of being able to see our families on a regular basis. I truly was a "single mom" for 13 months. My husband was in a really dangerous area where they experienced poor living conditions and poor communication with family. He was a victim of numerous IED attacks, the worst one being in September 2006. He was airlifted to a nearby hospital and spent a week there before being returned to duty. Upon his redeployment back to Germany, he was told he suffered from a fractured vertabrae as well as a degenerated disk (from carrying around all of that heavy gear for so long). He is now waiting to have surgery on his back. His unit is expected to deploy again after Christmas. This was the first picture taken as we were all reunited. I love how our youngest son is just staring up as if he's dreaming and can't believe his daddy is really standing in front of him.
Submitted by Anonymous
my husband in Iraq,we miss you baby
Submitted by Danielle Werner
This picture is of my 20 year old brother leaving for Iraq and saying goodbye to his 18 month old baby girl.


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