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Sunday, Sept. 30
Meat recall leads to new questions
Myanmar’s government plays waiting game
Big decisions mark new Supreme Court term
Anita Hill moves forward while looking back
A new breed of running mate emerges
Is climate change creating thinner whales?
Travel the world one couch at a time

Links and Extras
Consumer Product Safety Commission latest recalls
Ground Beef recall information
Food Safety and Inspection Service

Satellites show Myanmar crackdown
Q&A: Background on Myanmar

Blackwater’s ugly Americans

Would you pass the new naturalization test?

Nightly News Water Series
NBC photos from production of water series
Full section on environment

Making a Difference
A new kind of school
Ron Clark Academy

Web extra -  wolf beats bear to fish

Friday, Sept. 28
Clampdown in Myanmar
Rice orders review of Blackwater
Bush to veto children’s health benefits extension
Could you pass the new citizenship test?
Missing woman found alive after 8 days
China’s boom creating water woes
Reading, writing and rap  

Wednesday, Sept. 26
Bin Laden may have just escaped U.S. forces
Myanmar crackdown turns deadly
Did U.S. just miss bin Laden?
Probing America’s porous border
CDC says vaccines were safe
Cleaner water for Africa’s poor
What makes you happy?

Links and Extras
Latest Recalls from Consumer Product Safety Commission

More on story reported by Ian Williams:
Pro-democracy activist Aung San Suu Kyi from August, 2000

More on story reported by Robert Bazell:
Mercury and vaccines - the debate continues

Decision 2008 - The importance of Independents in New Hampshire: David Gregory reports from New Hampshire

Warren Jeffs' verdict
Daily Nightly: Where he'll be serving time
Video: Victim reacts

More on story reported by Martin Fletcher:
Daily Nightly:  Eco Jargon
Interactives and video in the Environment section of nightly.msnbc.com

Tuesday, Sept. 25
Lethal injection to get Supreme Court review
Housing market going downhill
Equipment outage grounds planes
Strange dynamics at the U.N.
Myanmar regime trying to suppress protestors
Leader of polygamous sect found guilty
Mixed news about breast cancer
After rescue, an Iraqi girl gets a fresh chance
Gambling on water in Las Vegas

Monday, Sept. 24
War of words
Auto workers on strike
Crime numbers going up across country
Days of protest in Myanmar
Why weren’t cribs recalled sooner?
Polluted Ganges symbol of water problems
Testing the limits

Links and Extras
More on story reported by Andrea Mitchell:
Watch complete Ahmadinejad speech at Columbia
Vote: Should President Ahmadinejad have been permitted to speak at Columbia University?
Web Extra: Profile of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

More on story reported by Tom Costello
Cribs recalled by Consumer Product Safety Commission

More on story reported by Ian Williams
Web Extra: Our journey through India
Web Extra: Interview with Sunita Narain Center for Science and Environment in Delhi, India
Interactives and video in the Environment section of nightly.msnbc.com

More on story reported by Peter Alexander

Web Extra: How 'No Barriers' helped one man
More on 'No Barriers'

Sunday, Sept. 23
Iran’s president arrives in U.S.
Iraq partially lifts Blackwater ban
Hillary Clinton consolidating early lead among Dems
After Jena protest, town responds to charges of racism
Are police over-using Tasers?
Air taxis take off to avoid gridlock
Greenland community responds to meltdown

Saturday, Sept. 22
Ahmadinejad defiant before U.S. trip
Iraq's al-Maliki: Man under siege
Can Giuliani be an NRA man?
Pilot survives crash that ripped plane apart
Giants letting home run king Bonds go
Can texting while driving be safe?
iPod: From tech toy to business tool

Friday, Sept. 21
Biggest crib recall in U.S. history    
What was behind Israel's strike?
Blackwater's fate on the agenda
In Katrina's zone, nervousness before a storm
Pilot dazed after crash destroys plane
Are calories and aging really connected?
A vote to condemn MoveOn's ad
A soldier's duty: tending to the fallen

More on the report by Tom Costello
1 million cribs recalled
-- List of recalled cribs | Maker's site

More on the report by Robert Bazell
Less food, longer life?
--More on 'The CR Way'
--Web-extra: Authors on what they eat
--Harvard study| NIH research study (.pdf)

More on the report by Martin Savidge
Racial tensions in Jena, La.
Blog: Shadow of a tree, felt across a nation

More on the segment reported by Roger O'Neill
About Fort Stewart

More on Voices of Sept. 11
Blog| Extended interview

Part two of a Web-exclusive
Young victims of landmines | Part 1

Thursday, Sept. 20
Thousands march on Jena demanding justice
Why are protestors coming to Jena?
Avoiding Israel, Bush condemns MoveOn
Abe Lincoln put on a plane
Pregnancy not any easier for women over 40
Web-extra: Fertility doctor on options
Plight of Iraq refugees
Farming dinosaur bones

Links and extras
More on story reported by Martin Savidge
Gridlock in Jena

More on story reported by Alison Stewart
Blog: In matters of fertility, 40 is NOT the new 30
--Web-extra: Fertility doctor on the age to worry

--Resources: RESOLVE: National Infertility Association
The American Fertility Association

--Featured in the segment: Dr. Richard Scott, Reproductive Medicine Associates | Alice Domar, PhD, Domar Center | Dr. Michael Alper, Boston IVF

--MSNBC interactives: BabyQuest, the modern pursuit of parenthood | Interactive

More on story reported by Mark Potter
The dinosaurs of South Dakota

The new $5 bill

More on the EXCLUSIVE web report by NBC News producer Amna Nawaz
Landmines kill Colombians caught in the crossfire

Wednesday, Sept. 19
Toy makers appear before Congress
Dan Rather sues CBS for $70 million
O.J. Simpson out on $125,000 bail
Presidential candidates going overseas for cash
Town prepares for 'Jena Six' protests
Crack! High school football season not just thrills
Blackwater ban disrupting U.S. diplomatic mission
Black colleges recruiting whites and Hispanics
Web extra: Lebanese politician killed

Links and Extras
More on story reported by George Lewis
Blogging from inside the courtroom
The Memorabilia

More on story reported by Robert Bazell
Blog high school sports and concussions
Dodging injuries
Map of the brain
Are you a psycho sports parent? A fun quiz

Tuesday, Sept. 18
Rate cut triggers rally
Fed goes to bat for homeowners
Study quantifies the cost of traffic jams
Simpson charged with kidnapping
Florida student Tasered at Q&A
Businesses wrestle with health bills
Chilling effect on free speech
Meltdown in Greenland

Links and Extras
More on story reported by Maria Bartiromo
Stock prices soar after Fed rate cut

More on story reported by Don Teague
Drivers losing five days a year to traffic jams
—Blog: Houston's traffic solution
— Want to save gas? Tips from a ‘hypermiler’
— Check the latest gas prices in your state

More on story reported by Dr. Nancy Snyderman
Interactive: Health care costs by the numbers
Kaiser Family Foundation Study
Profiled Group Tangerine Wellness

More on story reported by Kerry Sanders
Student Tasered at Kerry forum

More on story reported by Anne Thompson
The glaciers in Greenland
More on Extreme Ice Survey

Monday, Sept. 17
Some economic relief?
Contractor accused of firing on Iraqis
Role of contractors in Iraq
Obama comes to 30 Rock
O.J. Simpson in jail
Meltdown in Greenland
New program for kidney donations

Links and extras
Watch the full interview with Sen. Barack Obama (20 minutes)| Text transcript
Federal Reserve rate cut could calm markets but also ignite inflation
Private guards in Iraq face scrutiny
Simpson incident allegedly on tape
Transplant story: More from Paired Donation

Sunday, Sept. 16
Survivors recount Thai plane crash horror
O.J. arrested
Iraq war debate continues  
What troops from 1-5 Cavalry have seen
Historians push to save tales of WWII heroism
Immigrant architect designs new immigration building
Pats coach under fire

Saturday, Sept. 15
Greenspan lashes out at GOP
War activists duel in D.C.
Soldier worn down by grind of war
Racial tensions rage in Jena
Sharks a lucrative catch
Product dangers go beyond toys
With this green, I thee wed

Friday, Sept. 14
Fire sale on new homes
Bush sells his Iraq message
Opponents throw flag on Patriots
Great Lakes in danger of vanishing?
Simpson back in police crosshairs
Year in the life of a war-zone hospital
Making a difference: Voices of Sept. 11

Links and extras
Making a Difference: 9/11 Living Memorial

Lake Superior shrinking, warming
--More from Army Corps of Engineers
--University of Minnesota at Duluth research study

Check whether you can afford that new home with MSNBC.com’s mortgage calculator

Worldblog: Robert Bazell’s dispatches from Iraq
--‘Non-stop for another five months’
--‘Baghdad combat hospital busy again’  
--‘Too Many Angel Flights’ in Iraq’
--‘Eerily calm in Baghdad’

First Person: Humberto’s Havoc : Viewers sent in their photos of the devastating path of Hurricane Humberto

Thursday, Sept. 13
Bush announces pullout; defends war 
Gregory, Russert analysis
Humberto hits Texas
Manhunt for Florida cop killer
Hearing for Democratic money man
Taking control of your money
Cold solution for player
Jump start for Army amputee

Wednesday, Sept. 12
Full interview with Gen. Petraeus
New support for Bush in NBC Poll
Petraeus deals with the pressure
War and the 2008 campaign
Victory for environmental forces
No playing around over toys
Brokers slammed by mortgage woes
Friends: The secret to happiness

Links and Extras
The Petraeus report
--Read Petraeus' full statement (.pdf)
--View slides Petraeus presented to Congress (.pdf)
David Gregory (full) interview: Tony Snow speaks candidly about cancer
Profiles and pictures of animals on new threatened species list
A special series this week: The Secret to Her Success

Tuesday, Sept. 11
Petraeus: 'Best course of action' in Iraq
A look inside a secret Taliban training facility
'America's mayor' now running for president
Six people to be charged with hate crime
A ride-along with NYPD counter-terror unit
Flex-time works for moms, companies
9/11 'Survivor's Staircase' will survive

Links and resources
The Petraeus report
--Read Petraeus' full statement (.pdf)
--View slides Petraeus presented to Congress (.pdf)
--World blog: Richard Engel recaps
Bin Laden urges martyrs in new tape  
Six years after 9/11, NYC sets 'gold standard' in counter-terror
New York Times: America's Mayor Goes to America
A special series this week: The Secret to her Success

Producer Clare Duffy: On the bus
--Joe Alicastro: 'We are all Americans now'
--Rehema Ellis: There was no sound
--White House producer: Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Monday, Sept. 10
Petraeus: Troop reduction within the year
Politics of the Iraq report
NY Times: The surge from the ground
View of the 'surge' from Ameriyah
An increase in adverse drug reactions
Esfandiari: 'I did not plot against Iran'
The secrets to her health success

Links and Extras
The Petraeus report
--Read Petraeus' full statement (.pdf)
--View slides Petraeus presented to Congress (.pdf)
--World blog: Richard Engel recaps
New York Times: Assessing the Surge
Watch the full interview with Haleh Esfandiari
A special series this week: The Secret to her Success
--Dr. Synderman on tonight's report
--What screening tests do women need?
--Health quiz| More from iVillage
-- MSNBC.com: Make that appointment, girlfriend
--Tell us: What's the secret to YOUR success? Plus, share your thoughts on this series

Sunday, Sept. 9
Petraeus progress report
Al-Qaida defeated in one Baghdad area
In an emergency, can U.S. cities evacuate?
After named suspects, McCann parents now home
For home buyers, more incentives
Noriega fights extradition
A shoemaker makes a difference

Saturday, Sept. 8
New battlelines over Iraq
Pacific Rim sets climate goals
Missing girl case takes new turn
Storm threatens Carolinas
Italy says farewell to Pavarotti
Air cargo security too lax?
Vexing cancer vaccine
Challenge for winemakers down under

Friday, Sept. 7
Bin Laden's puzzling appearance, punditry
Gen. Petraeus in the spotlight
Stocks plunge after weak jobs report
For Zimbabweans, hope lies elsewhere
New twist in Madeleine McCann case
Official: Al Maliki cabinet corrupt
Operation Happy Note

Links and extras
Bin Laden criticizes the Dems
Full 'bin Laden tape' transcript  (.PDF)
Petraeus eyes troop draw down in spring
--Gen. Petraeus' letter to the troops (.PDF)
Madeleine McCann's mom named a suspect
EXCLUSIVE: Ex-watchdog says Iraq awash in corruption
Making a difference through music
--More on Operation Happy Note

Thursday, Sept. 6
Disappearing honeybees
Troubling foreclosures
New message from Osama?
Fred Thompson’s next act
Oprah fundraises for Obama
Dramatic increase in teen suicide
Ohio mom’s deadly mistake

Links and Extras

Mortgage woes boosting foreclosures
--Latest housing information on Diana Olick's blog, Realty Check
Germany hunts for terror suspects
Absent Thompson steals GOP debate
Suicide rate jumps for teens, young adults
-- Diagnosing depression   
Mom 'forgot' tot in car; child dies
--Kids and Cars.org
--Should Ohio mom be prosecuted?
Virus is the suspect in bee die-off
‘Nessun Dorma’ and ‘Turandot’ as performed by Pavarotti

Wednesday, Sept. 5
Alleged plots in Germany a real threat?
Surviving getting blown up in Iraq
Another Iraq report, same conclusions
Sen. Craig's second thoughts
Congress to investigate toy recalls
Are popcorn fumes hazardous?
In Colo., black bears come looking for food

Links and Extras
Craig says he'll resign if he can't reverse plea
Barbie accessories part of latest Mattel recall
-- List of recalled toys
Is microwave popcorn bad for your lungs?
More on the HBO documentary: 'Alive Day'
--Brian Williams on the interview
--Previous 'Nightly' report featuring one of the wounded vets
--Wounded warrior project  | Fischer House
--Disabled sports USA | Yellow Ribbon foundation

Tuesday, Sept. 4
Adventurer missing
Bush's private side
'Bill and Hill' show
Airlines' loss is Amtrak gain
Teachers make the grade in Denver
Little Rock, 50 years later
Going green Down Under

Links and resources
Grading the airlines: Department of Transportation consumer report
Adventurer missing

Monday, Sept. 3
Pres. Bush's surprise visit to Iraq
Why did Pres. Bush go to Anbar, Iraq?
In Iowa, a sprint to the primaries
Hurricane Felix could pack a punch
Intense heat strains California
Finally, everyone can go in the water
The man who makes smokers think twice
Tower of London's first female Beefeater

Sunday, Sept. 2
Hurricane Felix grows stronger
Make-or-break time for '08 hopefuls
Sydney on high alert
Women on the frontlines
Declaring majors in high school?
Taking a loan for medical care?
Ron Mott in Mott, N.D.

Saturday, Sept. 1
Rising balloon safety concerns
Britons can’t let go of Diana
Californians feeling the heat
Disgraced senator resigns
Digging up dirt on a monster quake
Surf’s up in Midwest
GOP breathes sigh of relief over Craig


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