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Move along, Bob. Nothing to build here. Some parents can't stand character-adorned kiddie clothes, and are instead dressing their tykes in miniature versions of what's in their own closets.

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But other parents are all for dinosaur and Dora the Explorer tees, and are ready with their let-kids-be-kids argument. Parents of both hipster and traditional kid-clothing persuasions responded to an story that examined the psychological impact of turning your kid into a Mini-Me.

Amy Sue of Toledo, Ohio, writes that her daughter's developed a shoe-and-bag obsession that seems a little familiar.

"My daughter likes everything I like; she thrives to be like me," Amy Sue writes. "She likes to wear Old Navy and Baby Gap, and she's obsessed with shoes and purses."

And Amber of Lansing, Mich., would love to dress her son in stylish clothes, but her little boy just isn't interested.

"I have to admit that I cringe a little every time my 21-month old son races to the dresser in search of his favorite truck shirt," she writes. "Clothing featuring construction equipment just is not my idea of fashionable, but I would like to raise an independent child who is willing to express his own preferences and opinions — not just parroting mine.

"So, if truck shirts make him happy," she writes, "they make me happy, too."

Keep reading for more responses.

I'm blessed with a young son. Even at 3 1/2 years old, he has his own personality, likes and dislikes. He checks out his appearance in the mirror and likes his hair combed certain ways. He loves his dinosaur T-shirt and defers to it over the Blue Oyster Cult 1972 Tour shirt I got him. It's OK to occasionally dress children with some hip clothing, but remember, even at an early age, they have their own preferences. Hey, my dad made me wear lederhosen on rare occasions (he's Austrian) and I turned out "normal."
— Pete, Houston

My son is 6 years old and for the most part he wears cool stuff. Certain stuff on his clothing he calls babyish such as Bob The Builder or Power Rangers, and I'm OK with that. He won't even wear a dinosaur on his shirt. I think he he looks adorable as a little me.
— Heather, Stroughton, Mass.

We let the kids wear what they want. One is into Spiderman and the other is into Cars. That's all they want to wear. One has spiked hair, one prefers the regular little boy cut. I feel it's wrong to force my tastes on this area of their life. They need to learn to make decisions.
— Jean, Mesa, Ariz.

I'm 25 and have a 9 month old daughter and I dress her up in clothes that I like. I'm young and I like for her to look stylish. You have to give your kids some sense of style. When she is old enough to tell me she doesn't like what I am dressing her in then she can pick out her on clothes.
— Margie, Round Rock, Texas

I am a mom who has 2 little boys one has long hair one has a Mohawk. I let them be individuals; however, they are influenced by the music we listen to and the clothing that we wear. I would let them wear anything they want. I try to promote there own individual creativity.
— Abby, Denver, Colo.

I prefer my daughter, who is 4 years old, to wear clothing that represents her as being a pre-schooler such as nice dresses, jeans and a blouse, or at times Dora the Explorer or the Princesses. ... A lot of parents what to live through their children instead of letting the child become who they were meant to be.
— Beverly, Baltimore

My kids dress better than I do. But, I like to keep it age appropriate, for the most part. Cute, inexpensive jeans and a top. My son is all about sweats and t-shirts. I don't care to buy character prints, but if my child really likes one, I might.
— Anonymous

Our children wear a select number of both. For example, my daughter has The Cure T-shirts and Princess sleep clothes. My son has a "Nightmare Before Christmas" sweater and dino PJs. I believe it is important for our children to feel involved with our lives as well as lives the life of a child. Not only do we introduce them to the clothing we also introduce them to the meaning, such as the music, movies or shows involved (within reason mind you).
— Matt, Dacula, Ga.

I'm a recent father of a 7-month-old and I very much share the aspiration to break my child out of the mold that Nickelodeon and Babies R Us has cast for him. My son doesn't have to be a cipher for my taste, but he doesn't have to be a corporate shill before he's had an opportunity to learn about the broader world. The only problem with wanting to dress your baby with clothes from a site like BabyWit is that they are ridiculously expensive. $20 for a onesie he'll grow out of in a month? I'd rather buy a nondescript white onesie for $5 and put the other $15 toward a college education! If the goal is to have the child think for themselves or be aware of their surroundings, I think saving your money to provide your child with more substantial opportunities later is the more responsible choice.
— Tom, West Des Moines, Iowa

Personally, I enjoy dressing my girls like little young ladies. They are mini me's of mama. If they made Coach purses and Coach shoes for kids, they would have some of those too. I don't think there is nothing wrong with it, you just have to know your limits with the kids. They want to accessorize too.
— Victoria, Overland Park, Kan.

I am expecting in February of 2008 and I definitely am going to purchase a really cute Rolling Stones onesie and maybe a few skull beanies!
— Nicole, Leesburg, Fla.

I think that dressing your kids in cartoon clothes should only be done on Halloween. It is easy and affordable with places like Old Navy and Target to dress your child with some style while still making them look their age and not making you go broke in the mean time. I feel very sorry for those kids with Velcro Bob the Builder shoes on ... come on!
— Kristy, St. Helens, Ore.

From rock band t-shirts to skulls and bones — I think this style is very cool for my son. He might be a mini-me of my husband, but I don't mind.
— Leena, Los Angeles

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