Submitted by ROBERT AKERS
Submitted by Harry Ballzak
I got this while a teenager. I met the greatest girl in the world and now I'm married. Problem is, she's afrad of dragons. I've started getting it removed. Will take years.
Submitted by brian rowland
i only regret how much money i spent on this
Submitted by Anonymous
these are actually two tattoos in one. However, regret is not even the word. I absolutely hate this tattoo. I was in my teens. In love, I thought so I took it upon myself to tattoo "Hazel" on my arm. Are love didnt last of course. So the time came where i wanted to erase that part of my life. So An Artist told me he could tattoo a flower over It. As you can see It didnt turn out to pretty. Im now 26 yrs. of age. If you look at the close up shot you will see the word "HAZEL" bleeding through and now I have to look at this ugly flower that looks like a spider, on top of that i still can see the
Submitted by Ashley Stewart
So when I was 15 (yes 15 stupid I know!) I thought it would be a great idea to get a tattoo. My friends and I heard of a tattoo parlor that didn't really look at id's and gave you a tattoo anyways. So we piled in the car one day after school and I went and got this sun tattoo'd on my hip bone. At the time it seemed like a good idea because I was 15, I don't think I realized that tattoo's really are forever, I remember waking up the next morning and thinking it was going to wash off in the shower. Needless to say everyone at school thought it was cool, but my mom (when she finally found out abo
Submitted by John Wilhelm
This was a very bad tattoo I got, while I was waiting for halo 3. In case you didn't know, that is the symbol for the highest difficulty rating from halo. I still love the game but I really regret this tattoo, especially the size of it. I still need more work done on it, its about 70% done. My girlfriend certainly isn't happy with it.
Submitted by Deedee F
This tattoo is on the outside of my left calf. It is suppose to be my husband, 4 kids and my astrological signs with our birthstone colors. What I got is NOT what I asked for. I asked the tattooist to just shade the birthstone color around the signs, but he thought it would look better this way. I could not disagree with him more! I think it looks like a retarded ladybug! I constantly get asked if it is a ladybug so I have to explain it to people. I have a total of 4 tattoos and still want more. But this is the only one I want to get removed so I can get it done right! The iritating t
Submitted by Anonymous
So I had just turned 14 and one weekend I decided I wanted a tattoo! So my uncle toko me out, we found a scummy place that didnt even check how old i was and made an appointment for the next day. I went in and explained what i wanted, we drew it up and it looked..."ok". I was to nervouse to ask for a 2nd drawing, so i figured this one would do. Half way through the tatty, the guy goes out for a smoke and i look in the mirrior. To my horrer, i had this black splotch that did not resemble the sketch in the least. The tatty was supposto look like a sun that was imploding. Not a splotch with dots
Submitted by brian rowland
i regret not getting this larger
Submitted by Anonymous
I thought it was a good thing at first,but it was to high on the I wished I had it down more I also wished I had put something defrent.
Submitted by Anonymous
Hi my name is LaDonna and I do not regret getting my tattoos. I am a Cancer and most of my tattoos symbolize my sign. I am proud of the fact that my sign is a romantic sign, hence the 69. When people see it I know what they are thinking and when some ask I tell them that it is the numerical portion of my astrological sign and I see that they do not believe me, but so what. I even had one guy go so far as to say that this was his favorite number. My tattoos are on places of my body where the only time you can see them is if I wear a short sleeve shirt or a blouse with spaghetti straps, because
Submitted by Anonymous
Myself like many other stories, had wanted a tattoo on my foot FOREVER! A friend of mine had the most beautiful hawaiian flower on her foot and i wanted one just like it. So. . . on vacation, and last minute i decided to go into the local tatoo shop and pick out my hawaiian flower. Well, i didnt exactly find what i was looking for. So the artist convinced me to do a Hibiscus which is the Hawaii state flower. And so i did. My original color scheme was blue, purple, and pink. He reassured me that i should go with a solid color. So i chose pink. Overtime when it began to fade, and looked more lik
Submitted by Kelli Fox
My bestfriend and I had been waiting to get our first tattoos for what seemed like forever. I had this drawn out to be almost ribbony but still look like the Taurus zodiac symbol (I know, typical). Anyway, the tattoo artist sketched it again on the transfer paper and with me not fully paying attention it someone got a little skinnier. After the tattoo was over I got up to look in the mirror and immediately regretted it. It looked like an unside down ribbon for cancer or something. 2 years later I still get people asking me, "is that a breast cancer ribbon?". I have to bite my dog everyti
Submitted by Renae Prochaska
I was eighteen and just moved out on my own. I thought it would be "so cool" to get a tattoo. I had no clue what I wanted, I just walked in and picked it out. A flaming heart. I hate that this tattoo shows, and people arent even sure what it is. It's somewhat of an embarrassment. I have yet to find a tattoo I like to cover it up. That was eleven yrs ago. Since then I have gotten 7 more, but have made wise decisions about what I get or want.


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