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Text of the farewell letter written by 17-year-old Resistance hero Guy Moquet and read in schools across France on Monday:

My dearest Mother, my beloved little brother, my beloved father.

I’m going to die! I’m asking you, especially Mother, to be brave. I am being so and I want to be just as brave as those who have gone before me. Of course I would have preferred to live. But what I want with all my heart is that my death serves some purpose. I haven’t had the time to embrace Jean. I embraced my two brothers in arms Roger and Rino. Alas, I wasn’t actually able to embrace my real brother. I hope all my things are sent back to you, they will be of some use to Serge, who I trust will be proud to wear them one day. Dearest Dad, although I’ve given you and Mom lots of troubles, I send you one last greeting. I hope you know that I have done my best to follow in your footsteps.

A last farewell to all my friends and to my brother who I love a lot. He should study hard so that he becomes a man later on.

17 and a half. My life has been short, but I have no regrets apart from leaving you. I’ll be dying alongside Tintin and Michels. Ma, I’m asking you, and I want you to promise, to be brave and get over your pain.

I can’t write any more. I leave you, Mother, Serge, Dad, embracing you with all my young heart. Be brave.

Your Guy who loves you.


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