Submitted by MaryAnn DePasquale
Alex at age 1, what a handsome frog don't just want to kiss him!
Submitted by Anonymous
The Shaggy Boy
Submitted by MaryAnn DePasquale
This is Alex last year as a doggy, he was almost 2 at the time.
Submitted by Trisha Miller
My mommy made this costume for me. I am a monkey
Submitted by Kym Joseph
Our 6 month old daughter Piper is a happy little lobster. Noodle the labradoodle is slightly more humiliated!
Submitted by Brenda Martin
This is my granddaugher, Annabell Witthauer age 2, dressed up as a Red Hat Lady. Her Great Grandmother (Gi Gi) made her outfit and also is a Red Hat Lady.
Submitted by Anonymous
This is my New Grandson, Landon Chase dressed up for his first Halloween at 3 days old. He won 3rd place at his brother's and sister's school for his costume. We are so proud of him!
Submitted by Raymond Munoz
My 3 year old son Brenan gets ready for Halloween in his cow costume.
Submitted by Anonymous
Submitted by Beth Twenty
Samantha the Princess
Submitted by Vickie Zickafoose
Hayden Gresley 1 year old Born -9/17/2007 Ahoy!!
Submitted by Lisa Alcock
Henry as a 7 Month old vampire!
Submitted by Amy Almany
As soon as I saw this octopus costume, I had to get it because I knew Noah would look so yummy in it and it would be really cute to see him crawling with all the tentacles...
Submitted by Shilu Ahmed
This is little Aydin's first Halloween at 4 months laying a little egg in his mom's car. He is clucky!
Submitted by Shilu Ahmed
This is my first baby Riyad at 6 years old dressed up as a scary Vampire. He has just finished off eating some bloody candy and is gearing up for more!
Submitted by Deva Edelman
Here's our one year old son John dressed up as a San Diego Police Officer. After the recent fires in San Diego we decided to honor the men and women in law enforcement who helped us through this tragedy by dressing our little guy up in uniform.
Submitted by Dawn Leahy
This is Emma Dawn, 21 months old, dressed as Cinderella. She is wearing a Cinderella dress with matching shoes. We added the long gloves, black homemade choker and hand dyed headband to match her dress. Her father made his "Princess" a coach and even the horse is handmade. The coach also is covered in white lights and the inside has a red velvet seat and floor.
Submitted by Anonymous
Scooby Dooby Doo!
Submitted by Autumn Lisle
Jorja Jae Lisle is the NBC Peacock
Submitted by Nancy Shaw
You may think this is the NBC peacock but it's really my 3 month old grandson, Ryan, in his first Halloween costume. He lives in Charlotte, Vermont with his Mom and Dad and two chocolate labs - Otis and Brandy.
Submitted by Lisa Straight
Jarod is 2 1/2 years old and loves getting mail from our Post man. When he gets the mail he yells "LOOK MOM LOOK, I GOT MAIL "
Submitted by Shannon Erin Louvin
Scarlett is 9 months old; this is her first Halloween and she is a peacock!
Submitted by Kerri Hanson
As overly proud parents of our little invitro baby, Ryan, the pile of Halloween costumes (both new and some from family members) began to pile up. With a little help from Adobe Photoshop, Ryan was able to model his three costumes for our family Halloween card. My husband and I also got a scary view of what life could have been like if we had ended up with triplets!
Submitted by Randy Long
Sebastian does his "Chicken Little" bit
Submitted by Beth Anderson
Our son Patrick is 17 months old and was a chicken for halloween this year. We thought he would be annoyed with the hood and want to take the costume off immediately. We were wrong...he loved the costume and the bonus for us is that is kept him warm during the Pumpkin Party that we attended! Everyone said he was the happiest chicken they had ever seen. We agree!
Submitted by Randy Long
Our "Little Stinker" , Quenae
Submitted by Anonymous
Our wild little Peacock! Lauren @ 14 months
Submitted by Anonymous
My son in his monkey costume
Submitted by Mindy Miller
My 3 year old loves Woody from Toy Story. He has wore this costume daily since I purchased it.
Submitted by Patricia Smith
Damo as a pumpkin
Submitted by Dan Sanderson
This is my granddaughter's first Halloween. She's three months old in this picture.
Submitted by Anonymous
Our little bunny :)


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