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Submitted by Evan Adams
This is a picture of my friends and I dressed up as Ms. Pacman and the Ghosts

Submitted by Natalia Carrera
Two boys in costumes of the Super Mario Bros.--Mario and Luigi.

Submitted by Jim Cush
Here's me in my Master Chief armor from the Halo game series This is a picture of me taken at the Halo 3 Launch in NYC last month

Submitted by Anonymous
Carson as Mario. Halloween 2006 - Age 3

Submitted by Nick Duguid
Here's a picture of me in my costume as a Companion Cube, from the game Portal.

Submitted by Anonymous
Agitha from the Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess -- This character like to collect bugs....

Submitted by Jordan Finley
Mario and Luigi, Halloween 2007
Submitted by Tom Kirk
Our 4 year old son Josh dressed as Mario with his Mario pumpkin on October 31, 2004.
Submitted by Ian Lindsay
Ian Lindsay as Fixer from Republic Commando (Star Wars)
Submitted by Leslie Sandoval
My husband dressed as Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2.
Submitted by Angela Thomas
This is my boyfriend Coleby as Mario, Myself as Peach and my friend Josh as Luigi.
Submitted by Anonymous
Picture of my son Will as Ash from Pokemon
Submitted by Becca Vitelli
Mario 1987

Submitted by Rebecca Voss
Yuna from FFX-2

Submitted by Phil Co
Addison Co as the engineer from "Team Fortress 2."

Submitted by Randall Cunningham
Street Fightin' Men: Bison, Guile, Sagat, Ken, and Ryu from Street Fighter II.

Submitted by Amanda Czechowski
Grimm as Link from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Submitted by Robert Dean
JPEG photo of me in my costume...
Submitted by Anonymous
organization xiii from kingdom hearts this is my husband
Submitted by jenni derolf
my husband loves these games, and this was the first halloween we spent back together as a couple before we got married. i wanted him to dress up for halloween, so i told him i would be rinoa if he would be squall. this costume has alot more to it... i'm just standing sideways
Submitted by Amanda Halford
kodak easy share
Submitted by Marc Higbie
Me in costume
Submitted by Jennifer Young
Submitted by Kevin Gipe
My son Noah as Link!
Submitted by Joel Watson
Samus Aran, Metroid Prime Shot#1
Submitted by Dave and Bev Wesner
Logan and Amelia Wesner as Link and Saria from the Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time, October 30, 2007
Submitted by Jennifer Leist
Super Mario ready to save Princess Peach!
Submitted by Britt Brown
Ganon and Link
Submitted by Anonymous
Myself dressed as Princess Ashe from Final Fantasy XII. This photo was taken in the Summer of 2007 in Denver.
Submitted by Anonymous
One Link from Windwaker, the other Link from Twilight Princess, and Dad is Ganon.
Submitted by Anonymous
Marcus Fenix from Gears of War
Submitted by Michelle Morse
Princess Zelda - Zelda II: Adventure of Link
Submitted by DeMarlo Shavers
This is my Dark Link costume from The Legend of Zelda. ^_^
Submitted by Anonymous
JEDI GIRL Nicole, 8, pilots her X-Wing over Miniland Las Vegas at Legoland California


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