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Wednesday, Oct. 31
Housing market feeling economic ripples
Making sense of the financial stats
States await death penalty decision
Democrats targeting Hillary Clinton
New evidence links cancer and weight
Oprah’s private school rocked by scandal
Cafeterias waging cupcake wars

Links and Extras
'Kids Now'
Video: Cupcakes vs. cantelope
Video: Are we pushing our kids too far?

More on finance, the economy
Fed cuts interest rates a quarter-point
GDP grew 3.9 percent in third quarter
Oil prices soar, closing near $95 a barrel

Cruel and unusual?
Supreme Court blocks Mississippi execution

More on Oprah school
Oprah apologizes for alleged abuse at school

Democrats debate
Rivals attack Clinton's vote on Iran

More on cancer
Report: Excess body fat linked to cancer

Tuesday, Oct. 30
Iraq, U.S. debate private contractors' responsibility
Merrill Lynch’s CEO leaves after $8 billion hit
A stronger consumer safety commission?
Wildebeests' migration in danger
Getting a tutor – for sports?

Links and extras
Kids and sports
Video: Are we pushing our kids too far?

Democrats debate
Rivals attack Clinton's vote on Iran

More on finance, economy
Merrill Lynch CEO's ruined reputation to stick
Choosing between foreclosure and bankruptcy
Gut Check America: Middle Class squeeze

More on wildebeests
Martin Fletcher blogs on Kenya

Monday, Oct. 29
Doctors urge for early autism screenings
Pediatrician on autism screening push
It's a crucial time for Obama
Middle class in a financial squeeze
Buffet thinks he's not paying enough in taxes
More teens undergoing weight-loss surgery
Everyone's a 'vice president'

Links and Extras
More on autism
Red flag warnings from Autism Speaks | Story
Signs and symptoms | NBC special report
Discuss: Will early screening help children?

More on finance, the economy
Choosing between foreclosure and bankruptcy
Gut Check America: Middle Class squeeze

Weight-loss surgery
Web-extra: Surgeon demos how lap-band procedure works
Web-extra: Teen on how surgery changed her life

Remembering a member of the NBC family
NBC News veteran Jim Cummins dies at 62
Read a tribute to Jim Cummins from his longtime producer

Sunday, Oct. 28
U.N. nuclear chief urges cool on Iran
Ripple effect on oil prices
Do battlefield victories improve Iraq politics?
Beach house fire kills students
Californians express gratitude to firefighters
Romney tries to prove he's authentic
Astronauts remodel the Space Station
African penguins in danger

Links and Extras
Charitable vet makes strides, inspires others
NBC News veteran Jim Cummins dies at 62

Latest on wildfires
How you can help
View FirstPerson images, video from the fires
Share images of your return home

Saturday, Oct. 27
Soldier gives back to Iraqi kids
South wages water war
Tips for fighting deadly infections
Californians start over
Where there's smoke, there's bad air
Are licenses secure enough?

Friday, Oct. 26
Rising oil anxiety
California wildfires hit winds of change
Another embarrassment for FEMA
Putin angered by missile defense plan
Teen sex case ends with 10-year sentence overturned
Firefighters photographed escaping danger
Paris becomes the City of Bikes

Thursday, Oct. 25
Southern Californians start to return home
Pres. Bush: 'We know how tough it is'
Will Iran sanctions have desired effect?
Will Giuliani's foreign policy hurt him in '08?
American stress levels increase
Closely watching a nuclear nation
A mother's mission

Wednesday, Oct. 24
State of emergency for Calif.
How will tomorrow's weather affect fire fight?
One family finds what's left of their home
After the fires, scorched earth
Rice under fire on Iraq contractors
Cubans on guard for illegal immigration
Flying and making a difference
How animals have fared

Links and Extras
Latest on wildfires
How you can help
Are you prepared for a fire?   
Firefighting tools
View FirstPerson images, video from the fires
Your stories

'Making a Difference': Mike Taibbi reports
Flying and making a difference
Taibbi blogs| Freedom's Wings
Web-extra: Richard Fucci on how he flies 

As Mark Potter reports
Cubans on patrol for smugglers

Tuesday, Oct. 23
Fire battle rages
Fire’s effect on one neighborhood
Is global warming bringing more fires?
Candidates’ wives talk about their lives
Brooklyn novelist writes ‘I do’ for couples
Homeowners trickle back to at-risk San Diego community

Monday, Oct. 22
California fires out of control
Where did the fires come from?
Santa Ana winds 'a bad situation'
Bhutto stands firm
New La. governor doesn't fit the mold
Police chief on the job despite Alzheimer's
MSNBC and NBC News' new shared studio

Links and Extras
Latest on wildfires
Are you prepared for a fire?   
Firefighting tools
View FirstPerson images, video from the fires

Pakistan attack
Bhutto: Return to Pakistan worth the risk
Curry: View from Karachi

Tom Costello's Web-exclusive report
NASA withholds air safety survey results

Latest on lead paint in toys
Government says lead testing kits don't work
List of recently recalled toys

Photo gallery
New MSNBC studio

Sunday, Oct. 21
Moving day
Fires in Malibu
Pepperdine students flee fire
Drought's court complications
A violent day in Turkey
Attack's political implications
Traffic tickets a privacy risk?
China's rising film production scene

Saturday, Oct. 20
Southeast drought reaching historic levels
Romney wins ‘values voters’ straw poll
Women in charge in space
How much is the Google chef worth?
‘Lights Out’ S.F. benefits all
What to expect on your heating bill
An ‘obesity report card’?

Friday, Oct. 19
FDA: Cold meds don't help kids under six
Stocks fall 367 points
Clean up after deadly weather
Ron Paul gains momentum online
In S.F., going green means going dark
Water fight goes to Atlanta court
Teacher makes a difference in China
Moving day for 'Nightly' set

Links and extras
Pakistan attack
Bhutto: No surrender to militants

Latest on weather
The latest on weather
First Person images, video

As George Lewis reports
Web-extra: A black out to conserve energy
Lights Out San Francisco

'Making a Difference' reported by Mark Mullen
Education and Science Society in rural China
Photo gallery: NBC in the field in China

Thursday, Oct. 18
'Well-planned attack' on Bhutto
More cold or cough med dangers?
Friction in Switzerland
Kids aren't getting enough sleep
Hoda Kotb's cancer diary
Extraordinary train to Tibet
Death of two entertainment icons

Links and extras
Pakistan attack
On the scene: NBC Producer Carol Grisanti
Was it al-Qaida? Plots and attacks through the years

Latest news on staph infections
What to do to prevent an infection

Latest on weather
Strong winds rip through 3 states
First Person images, video

Hoda Kotb's person cancer battle
Story and video from TODAY's fourth hour
Viewers share their experiences   

Story reported by Mark Mullen
Catching the Train to Tibet | Umbrellas everywhere

Wednesday, Oct. 17
Bush issues clear warning on Iran
The muddled political calendar
Clinton acting like a nominee
Storms menace the Midwest
Climate change at the top of the world
On water, thinking outside the bottle
New infection could create havoc
Chinese language takes off

Links and Extras
Bush says Congress dragging feet on key issues
Video: Watch Bush’s opening remarks

Related to the report by NBC's Kerry Sanders
In Arctic report card, U.S. cites ‘rapid changes’

Related to the report by NBC's Robert Bazell
The latest on the super bug

Related to the report by NBC’s Mark Mullen
ChinesePod: Learn Chinese

Tuesday, Oct. 16
Teen with drug-resistant super bug dies
Housing crisis continues
Southeast cities almost out of water
A Russia-Iran alliance?
Ellen DeGeneres' TV breakdown
China’s women rising
Newest Medal of Honor recipient

Links and extras
Related to the report by NBC's Robert Bazell
The latest on the super bug

Editor's note: There was an error in the 6:30 p.m. ET broadcast. 
From Robert Bazell:
"I made an error tonight and it is totally my fault. The drug resistant bacteria is MRSA. I transposed the letters to get them wrong. Sometimes the most simple mistakes are the ones you miss. My apologies."

Related to the report by NBC's Chris Jansing
911 for homeowners in trouble

Related to the report by NBC’s Mark Mullen
On-the-go Chinese women in no hurry to wed
Shanghai girl power

Consumer Reports car rankings

Monday, Oct. 15
Driving under the influence of a keyboard
Planes collide at Heathrow
Drought chokes the Southeast
Cancer falling sharply
Oil hits record $86 a barrel
Good crop is bad news for corn farmers
China wrestles with its new prosperity
Comeback Kid takes the field

Links and Extras

Related to the report by NBC’s Martin Savidge
Parts of the South curb water use due to drought

Related to the report by NBC’s Tom Costello
Cancer death rates dropping faster than ever | Video

Related to the report by NBC’s Janet Shamlian
Blog: Driving under the influence of a keypad

Related to the report by CNBC’s Scott Cohn

Related to the report by NBC’s Don Teague
College senior, 59, plays football after 37-year layoff | Blog

Sunday, Oct. 14
Six years into the war, is U.S. safer?
New questions on Mideast mystery
I-5 crippled after fiery pile up
Republican-on-Republican attacks
20 years later, where's Baby Jessica?
i-Pods: the new teaching aide?

Saturday, Oct. 13
Big-rig pileup sparks inferno
Deadly chain of events in pileup
Candidates seize on general's comments
Gore's Nobel brings new clout
Women voters value wedded bliss
Hate crimes on the rise in U.S.
Few answers in airport death
Visiting the home of king fu

Friday, Oct. 12
Another general sounds the alarm
Nobel committee hails Gore
America rapidly going green
Echoes of the Cold War
A garden party in the Rose Garden
Making a Difference: Bringing light to danger zones
Properly honoring America’s fallen

Links and extras
Al Gore shares the Nobel Peace Prize
Tim Russert analyzes the impact | Video

Related to the report by NBC’s Roger O’Neil
Navigating the history and heritage of Arlington cemetery
Third U.S. Infantry Regiment, the “Old Guard”

Related to the “Making a Difference” report by NBC’s John Larson
Greg Mortenson, author of “Three Cups of Tea”

Thursday, Oct. 11
Infant cold medicine pulled off shelves
Arsenal found in ex-student’s home
Will a Nobel prize encourage Gore to run?
A symbolic vote threatens Iraq progress
Does the Marine Corps wants to leave Iraq?
Not all SUVs offer same protections
Displaced Iraqi kids struggle
NBC says goodbye to Burbank studios

Full tests: How safe is your mid-size SUV?
NBC is leaving Burbank, CA and leaving a lot of history behind

Wednesday, Oct. 10
Easing breast cancer treatments
Parents of special needs students get break
5 hurt, gunman dead at high school
Boot camps: Too tough on teens?
Exclusive: U.S. goes to bat for top Saddam aide
‘Nightly 101’: Who owns America?
Fleece: Suite deal for sports fans
Going green in Scotland

Links and Extras
Related to story reported by NBC's Robert Bazell
Breast cancer patients face more chemotherapy heart risks
Interactive: Questions and answers about breast cancer

As reported by NBC's Richard Engel
Ex-Saddam defense minister set to be executed
Engel: Petraeus' offer to Saddam's minister

Related to the story reported by Michelle Kosinski
Trump’s planned Scotland golf course hits opposition
Not all trees help battle warming, study finds

Tuesday, Oct. 9
Focus on Thompson
Survey: Overcrowded ERs cost lives
Did GOP candidates offer solutions?
Another deadly incident with contractors
TV to Cuba: A campaign or a waste?
College students at risk for stalking
Signals partly to blame for traffic 

Links and extras
Interactive: the candidates and issues
Interactive: Rate the candidates

Related to the story reported by Don Teague
Campus safety links
What to do if you're being stalked

As reported by Mark Potter
Video: More of Mark Potter's report
Video: Taking sides
Potter: "Radio and TV Marti, Voices of Freedom or a Taxpayer Fleece"
More on Fleecing of America

Monday, Oct. 8
What is going on with the weather?
For Iowans, negative ads on Christmas
GOP hopefuls gear up for Tuesday debate
Jurors retrace Diana's last steps
Study: Don't ignore mini-strokes
Iraq war's littlest victims
27 million tax dollars for 'ghost bird'

Links and Extras
Related to story reported by NBC's Lee Cowan
Man dies at Chicago Marathon   | More weather news

As reported by Ned Colt
Diana inquest juror visit Paris

Related to Jim Maceda's report on children of war
Slideshow: Through the eyes of children

Related to Robert Bazell's report
Anatomy of a heart attack | Interactive: Stroke causes | Heart attacks: Are you at risk?
Toxic marriage may hurt your heart

As reported by Roger O'Neill
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Draft Recovery Plan
More on Fleecing of America

Sunday, Oct. 7
At least 7 shot dead in Wisc.
Blackwater shooting called 'deliberate'
Countdown to Iowa caucuses
Diana inquest heads to Paris
Retailers hope for early holiday sales
A U.S. security threat in South America?
Sending avatars to job fairs

Saturday, Oct. 6
What happened to fair play?
GOP looking for Mr. Right
Party in search of a message
N. Korea takes U.S. to the mat
Fake check scam growing
Economy leaving factory workers behind
Around the world, in just 13 years
France's new battle of the bulge

Friday, Oct. 5
Marion Jones admits steroid use
Sports’ fallen heroes
Congress demands torture memos
Inside America’s private army
America’s newest monument
Faith in America: Buddhists in the heartland
Helping school bullies think pink

Links and extras
Video: Jones’ tearful confession

Bush says U.S. doesn’t torture
Video: Pete Williams reports

U.S. overhauls contractor rules

African burial ground opens in Manhattan
The Big Picture: Civil rights today

As reported by NBC's Dawn Fratangelo
Telling bullies to think pink
Web-extra video: Watch the extended interview

Thursday, Oct. 4
Craig says he won’t resign
Secret memos authorize torture
Report: Jones admits to steroid use
Signs of progress in Myanmar
‘Kite Runner’ controversy
How common are medical errors?
The green way to throw out tech toys
Faithless in America

As reported by NBC's Kevin Tibbles
Recycling old electronics
Daily Nightly blog post
Find a place near you to donate electronics
Where to donate old computers and cellphones
What is e-cycling?
GAO report encouraging electronic reuse

Wednesday, Oct. 3
NBC/WSJ poll: Giuliani top choice for GOP voters
Thompson's slip-ups on the stump
Polish envoy targeted by insurgents
Injured? Where you live matters
Will Princess Diana ever rest in peace?
Faith in U.S.: Where did the music go?
How Sputnik changed a little boy's life

Links and Extras
Thompson unaware of death penalty cases

Polish envoy hurt in Baghdad blast

5 deaths at hydroelectric plant probed

Sputnik, 50 years later
-- Sputnik launched 50 years of scientific progress
-- Space-age secrets revealed 50 years later  
-- Sputnik myths debunked | Your Sputnik memories 

Reported by NBC's Kevin Tibbles
--Red tape for Minn. National Guard

Reported by NBC's George Lewis
--Did leaky water mains cause a San Diego landslide?

Reported by NBC's Peter Alexander
Rescue turns to recovery in Colorado

Tuesday, Oct. 2
Private security contractor Blackwater under fire
Surprising money numbers from 2008 contenders
Isiah Thomas and the Knicks lose lawsuit
Canadian dollar comes south of the border
Girls more at risk of sports concussions
Faith education transforms inmates at Angola Prison
For headstone makers, it’s more than a job

Monday, Oct. 1
It’s getting safer to fly
Religious right looks for alternatives
FBI to probe Blackwater case
Putin seeks to keep power
Wanted: A few good men in the classroom
For Cubans, an alternative route to U.S.
Faith in America: Diversity and division

Links and Extras
More Cubans entering U.S. through Mexico

Blackwater’s ugly Americans

Would you pass the new naturalization test?

Faith in America
National Opinion Research Center
Pew Research Center study
NBC News/MSNBC.com special report

Web extra — wolf beats bear to fish


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