November 5, 2007

In conjunction with “Today’s” historic broadcast from the ends of the earth, is launching a special green series with environmentally-focused stories and interactive features, including reports from “Today’s ” anchors as they travel around the world. will follow Ann Curry’s journey as she travels from New York to New Zealand and then to the very bottom of the globe, Antarctica, and broadcasts from extreme locations including the McMurdo Research Station located at the southern end of “The Ice”.   The on-air adventure, which is part of NBC Universal’s “Green Is Universal” initiative, begins Monday, November 5, and will continue through Friday, November 9.  The online adventure starts now.

In a special report on, The National Science Foundation reveals why climate experts study Antarctica and explains how the continent’s frozen tundra provides scientists with important clues from the past that will help them to understand future.  “Ice at the Edge,” another special online feature, allows users to view images of Greenland and see where the coastal edges of its vast ice cap have melted at an alarming rate.  Matt Lauer will provide viewers with a unique perspective when he travels to the very top of the globe, the Arctic, and broadcasts from remote locations on the Greenland ice sheet.

Al Roker will travel to the Equator and broadcast from the middle of an endangered cloud forest in Mindo, Ecuador, 7,000 feet above sea level. Consumers can log on to to view an interactive feature on the greenhouse effect to learn how the process works and understand how they could be contributing to global warming.  Meredith Vieira will connect the global dots from “Today’s” home base in New York where she will take a look at how the global issues at these unique locations are affecting people across the United States.

Consumers can log onto to see other compelling interactive features and get the latest climate change headlines and green lifestyle tips. “Warming World,” is an interactive gateway into video, slideshows and stories about climate change around the world.  Users can also check out five far-out ideas to cool the Earth, see whether the cars they drive are ranked “green” or “mean,” and learn about new, environmentally-friendly commuting options. also offers green lifestyle tips, including how to find eco-friendly and fashionable products ranging from toothpaste to jeans. wants consumers to get in on the eco-action and show what it’s like to be green in America. Viewers are encouraged to send in videos and photos of their green lifestyles.  The FirstPerson gallery will feature images of consumers with their hybrid cars, solar panels, organic gardens, and cloth shopping bags – all turning their lives “green.” 

Consumers can log onto to learn more, share their stories and green tips, and discuss climate change issues with other readers.


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