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  On the catwalk in Detroit
Fuel-efficient electric cars, upscale sedans and trucks make their debuts at the 2011 North American International Auto show.
  Purr-tective custody
Remarkable images of a wild macaque monkey who appointed himself stepdad to a kitten abandoned in a forest in Bali, Indonesia, were captured by an amateur photographer.
  L.A. story
Check out images of the coolest concept cars from the Los Angeles Auto Show.
Swimmers off of Italy’s beaches are protected each summer by specially trained canine lifeguards.
  How zoos beat the heat
Zookeepers give animals some tasty ways to cool off.
  Sky's the limit
Images of military might and airborne marvels from the Farnborough International Airshow in the U.K.
  Animals at war
Throughout military history, animals have battled alongside soldiers. An exhibit titled "Loyal Force: Animals at War" is on display at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans from July 22 through Oct. 17.
  Micropollen: The beauty behind your allergy misery
Stunning up-close views of pollen grains captured with scanning-electron microscope technology reveal the beautiful reasons you sneeze.
  Art on wheels
Classic Bugatti, Duisenberg, Porsche, Ferrari vehicles and more are on display at an Atlanta museum’s “The Allure of the Automobile” exhibit.
  Bizarre beasties
Yetis, unicorns, winged cats and other strange creatures that never existed are part of a collection of bizarre Victorian taxidermy that went on auction.
  Dance of the dolphins
Remarkable photographs capture bottlenose dolphins leaping and surfing through the waves off the coast of South Africa.
  Flagship species
View 10 animals and plants identified in a new report as ‘flagship species’ for climate change.
  Art that shocks
Works challenging our notions of what is sacred and decent inspire outrage, censorship and contemplation.
  Holocaust never ends for mentally ill survivors
Little is ever said about survivors for whom mental illness is part of the Holocaust's legacy. For many of those at Israel’s Shaar Menas he Mental Health Center, the nightmare never ended.

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Animal Tracks archive
Do you love images of critters? See previous editions of's roundup of the best animal photos.
  Recent health multimedia
Growing Safe Food in Mexico
  Keeping the farm clean
One food safety expert describes his work to improve hygiene at farms in central Mexico, at times exceeding standards used on U.S. farms
Fight of her life
Ashley Lee contracted bacterial meningitis at college in 2005 and nearly died. Today, she strives each day to cope with her new reality.
More families are bringing funerals home
Small but growing trend helps people reclaim death rituals
Fighting back
After being diagnosed with early-stage Alzheimer's, Phyllis Blais started going to classes at the Long Island Alzheimer's Foundation that are designed to keep her brain sharp.
Carissa Ray /
Managing multiples
A look inside the bustling home life of Jane and Steve Crandell and their 2-year-old quadruplets — Julian, Chloe Jane, Sophia and Christian — born after in vitro fertilization.
  Business slide shows
AFP - Getty Images
  Crazy cool cars
View customized vehicles on show at the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas.
  Tokyo Motor Show 2007
A mobile office disguised as a van, a futuristic ride with scissor doors and a nested one-seater, and more.
Auto Manufacturers Preview New Models At NY Auto Show
  New York auto show
Concept cars and new model debuts are featured at the New York International Auto show.
  Boeing 787 takes flight
Thousands of Boeing workers and airline executives mark the debut of the Dreamliner passenger jet.

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