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EA's "Skate" gives the Tony Hawk franchise a run for its money this year. It's one of our picks for best sports game of 2007. And our other choices? Read on!
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updated 11/14/2007 6:27:01 PM ET 2007-11-14T23:27:01

What a difference a year makes.

Last Thanksgiving, all anyone could talk about was hardware. Was Nintendo for real with this Wii business? Could the Xbox 360 hold its own against the formidable-sounding PlayStation 3? Would DirectX 10 (and Vista) deliver the cutting-edge graphics and horsepower PC gamers craved? And would the plucky little Nintendo DS fade once the new kids came to town?

But without great games, a game machine's nothing but a brick with a power cord. Initially, those games were slow to come. But then that trickle turned into the tidal wave that is this holiday season, with hundreds of fantastic games vying for your attention.

So, if you're a gamer — or have one on your shopping list — how do you sort through the names on the shelves? How do you decide which titles will steal your hours this winter — and beyond? Simple: we've done the work for you.

From action to RPG and everything in between, we've played and sorted and argued and played some more. The result? Nine separate interactives, each featuring the very best games in that category. We're rolling out with our best sports games of the year , but check back with us every few days.

We'll be asking your opinion on our picks, too. What do you think of the games we've chosen? If you were one of our freelance game reviewers, what would you have picked? Share your thoughts with us — and your fellow readers.

But here's the really cool part: We're asking you to vote on our picks. We'll take the results from each category and at the end of the year, cull them all together to pick the year's best game. That's right. You, the reader, get to pick the game of the year. No small task in a year that's given us so many awesome titles already — with more yet to come.

Are you up to it? We're counting on you.

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