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Friday, Nov. 30
New Hampshire hostage taker identified
Mending mortgages
Courting black women voters
God has 4,235,843 friends on MySpace
We've got mail
Hope for AIDS orphans

More on the 'Hoops for Hope' program
Hoops of Hope Web site
Hip-hop and black women
An interview with Pastor Tadd Grandstaff

Thursday, Nov. 29
FDA considers salt warning labels
Latest health hardship: The night shift
White House lowers growth projections
Republicans square off on immigration
Giuliani: Stretching the stats?
Hot copper
Hugo Chavez: President for life?
Black women and heart disease

Heart disease more prevalent in African-Americans

Wednesday, Nov. 28
Are we overscanning?
A rebound on Wall Street
Talking peace with Tony Blair
Harsh punishment for British teacher
Redefining black relationships
U.S. aid arrives in Bangladesh
Good Samaritan, but not American
Clinton's revisionist history

Full Tony Blair interview
Table Talk: An extended interview on African American women's series
Escape from Antarctic cruise

Tuesday, Nov. 27
Free ticket to Baghdad
'No more Mr. Nice Guy'
Israelis and Palestinians start talking again
Celebs star in political spotlight
More 'For Sale' signs
The comeback of key deer
Black women and breast cancer

Monday, Nov. 26
E-mapping the human body
Post-thanksgiving market down
Travel wasn't a holiday nightmare
More black women taking care of business
Gloves come off for GOP hopefuls
President prepares for peace summit
Cheney to undergo more tests
Putin plays for keeps

Sunday, Nov. 25
Development threatens Galapagos Islands
Saving the Smithsonian
Exiled Sharif returns to Pakistan
Residents return after Malibu blaze
A big weekend for holiday shoppers
Relief for survivors of nightmare cruise
Time running out for cyclone survivors
Delayed U.S. relief effort begins in Bangladesh

Saturday, Nov. 24
Malibu fire dashes dreams
Retailers cash in on sales
Taliban attacks provoke Pakistan
Saving Kenya one tree at a time
Devastating blaze in Malibu
Bangladesh bridge collapses
New generation of bosses
Candidates looking for momentum

Friday, Nov. 23
Women suffer in Iraq
Abandon ship!
Disaster recovery
Guarding against tainted toys
Shop while the economy drops?
Treating family war wounds
Senate stays in session

Wednesday, Nov. 21
Inside Delta's flight control center
Gov. Huckabee surging in Iowa polls
More Europeans coming to U.S. to shop
Desperate days in Bangladesh
Jehovah's Witnesses' abuse allegations
Eye on Iowa race
Renters feeling mortgage crunch

Tuesday, Nov. 20
Stem cell breakthrough
A young boy's brave decision
McClellan's book raises questions
A shift in Obama's favor?
Reporter on life in Baghdad
Countrywide changes some terms
'Right to bear arms' in spotlight

Monday, Nov. 19
Study: Heart trouble killing more women
Skivvies, the new civic duty
Help for neglected Serbians?
Broadway dark for holiday tourists
45 days to Iowa
Extent of Bangladesh disaster emerges
Celebrating a royal marriage
Ripple effect of housing decline

Sunday, Nov. 18
Goodbye paper route, hello Brangelina!
A crucial week for the economy
Wife’s disappearance raises questions
Musharraf weathers storm of criticism
Cyclone death toll rises
Controversy and influence on the campaign
When grownups become cyber bullies
U.S. watching Pakistan carefully

Saturday, Nov. 17
Understanding parents’ immunization motives
Volunteer firefighters a smoldering issue
Staggering toll in Bangladesh
U.S. envoy meets with Musharraf
Gridiron glory sparks passion
Bill Clinton on the campaign trail
Strong warming warning
Parents’ choice: Immunization or imprisonment

Friday, Nov. 16
Letters, we get letters ...
The struggle against hyperemesis
A Giant headache for baseball
Army desertions skyrocket
Democratic slugfest in Vegas
Bumps and bruises
Economic trouble brewing
Hockey knight in Canada
Homeowners sue mortgage company

Thursday, Nov. 15
Clearing the air
'The Average American'
Direct hit in Bangladesh
Barry Bonds indicted
Deal or no deal?
Special needs cheerleaders
Close call in the Midwest

Wednesday, Nov. 14
Baghdad weddings, other good signs
Development in future of cloning
Emotional homecoming for soldier, sons
Delta and United deny merger reports
Disturbing conditions for Serbia's disabled
More on agent's secret past
$229,000 FEMA trailers
Foreclosure rate jumps

Text Stories
Disgraced CIA officer had key Iraq job
$229,000 FEMA trailers
Disabled kids abused in Serbia

Tuesday, Nov. 13
Detroit's economy struggles to recover
Chrysler turning around
British Airways flying on empty
Power struggle in Pakistan
Ex-FBI agent pleads guilty
New chapter for O'Connor
Vet stays on patrol

Monday, Nov. 12
Clinic's employees get healthy, too
Airlines bracing for travel surge
A hero among us
Bhutto's other side
Clinton and Obama race heats up
Crack cocaine review
Cleveland feels foreclosure crunch

Sunday, Nov. 12
Anxiety over economy
Holiday consumer concerns
Bush courts European allies
Musharraf on the defense
Baghdad grows quieter
Why Iowa matters
Saddam’s secrets
A ‘veteran’ student

Saturday, Nov. 11
LAPD under fire
Lights out on Broadway
Pressure builds in Pakistan
Medal of honor
Eating green
Trouble for Kerik   

Friday, Nov. 10
Unrest in Pakistan
Merck pays price for Vioxx
Stocks plunge again
Oil Spill in S.F. bay
Re-thinking nuclear power
Health insurance nightmare
The real Forest Gump

Thursday, Nov. 8
Full Mel Brooks interview
Bernanke: Slower growth ahead
U.S. agency recalls Aqua Dots
Pakistan elections delayed
Giuliani: Look at my record
Reporting from the bottom of the Earth
Medal of Honor: Still seeking peace
Another monster hit for Mel Brooks

Links and Extras
Toys linked to a date-rape drug recalled
--Sign up for the Consumer Product Safety Commission's simple listserv
that sends an email about every recall CPSC orders

Wednesday, Nov. 7
Col. Jacobs' courage and sacrifice
Danger signs in economy
Pakistan nearing meltdown
Giuliani gets endorsement from Pat Robertson
New presidential poll reveals surprises
Is it really OK to carry a few extra pounds?
Seeing an energy solution in empty fields
Medal of Honor: Jack Jacobs profiles Ted Rubin

Links and Extras
Benefits of being a little heavy?
-- Calculate your Body Mass Index

Tuesday, Nov. 6
Oil approaching $100 a barrel
Yahoo execs questioned for role in Chinese dissident’s arrest
Rudy Giuliani on Hillary, 9/11 and more
The pill linked to heart disease risk
Riding a wave to energy independence?
Col. Bud Day recalls over five years in North Vietnamese prison  

Monday, Nov. 5
Dangerous nation in state of emergency
A lot at stake for U.S. in Pakistan
Strike has Hollywood on hold
Oprah: A ‘devastating experience’
Female explorers at the bottom of the world
Kids' lack of sleep can lead to obesity
Learning about wind power from Denmark
First act of bravery in World War II

Sunday, Nov. 4
Pakistani activists arrested amid crisis
Musharraf’s crackdown creates crisis for U.S.
Thompson breaks out of character
Writer’s strike looms on Hollywood horizon
Global warming threatens polar bears
Ann Curry calls in from Antarctica
Over thirty years later, the search continues
Unveiling the face of ancient Egypt

Links and Extras
Did you watch Brian host SNL?  Tell us what you think
Click here to see an excerpt of one of the skits
Click here for Brian's 'new' Nightly News intro
Click here to see someo fhte highlights from the TODAY show

Watch the promotional spot
Brian and the SNL cast preview the show

Brian blogs
Fun on a night off
At rehearsals and behind-the-scenes, on multi-tasking
In whose footsteps?
Behind-the-scenes at rehearsals

Saturday, Nov. 3
State of emergency declared in Pakistan
White House reacts to Pakistan emergency
Pakistan's state of emergency
Hire-wire act fixes space station
Obama under fire for Iran remarks
Farming goes green
NYC Marathon I-ban irks runners

Friday, Nov. 2
Noel strikes out of nowhere
Devastating floods in Mexico
Free trips for safety chiefs under scrutiny
Tracking down the Clinton papers
Tapped out in Tennessee
Making a Difference: Rock star with a heart

Links and extras
Web extra: Watch the complete Bono interview
Bono vlogs
Watch previous reports, travels to Africa with Bono
How you can help: Join Red| Global Fund

Thursday, Nov. 1
Bono thanks you
Grim day for Wall Street
Foreclosures number soar
Attorney general fight reignites torture debate
Chrysler cuts 12,000 jobs
Clinton plays the 'woman' card
Steam pipe explosion victim stays positive
Easy for truckers to cheat drug tests
Dealing with boy who played with fire
Are we too soft on kids?

Links and extras
'Kids Now'
Web-extra: Government taking fun out of playgrounds?
Nov. 1: David Harsanyi, author of "Nanny State,"  looks at today's playgrounds and says that they aren't as intuitive or fun for kids who are learning about risk.
Video: Cupcakes vs. cantelope
Video: Are we pushing our kids too far?

More on finance, the economy
Latest on stocks
Foreclosures up 30%
Chrylser to cut 12,000 jobs

More on story reported by Lisa Myers
GAO: Easy to cheat on trucker drug tests

Calif. wildfires
Boy admits to starting Calif. blaze, police say

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