Here are answers to's most frequently asked questions about our new video player, along with useful support information. We will be updating the information on this page as we progress during the beta phase of the player's release.


What are the system requirements for using the video player?The new video player is cross-platform and should work on all versions of Mac OS X, Windows XP and Windows Vista. All modern browsers on each OS should be supported, including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. JavaScript support is required, as is Adobe Flash Player 9. A broadband connection is highly recommended.

When will I be able to search for videos?Video search from within the new video player is not yet enabled. This feature will debut soon.

How will video embedding work?  You will be able to copy and paste HTML code onto your site or blog for any video clip you view on Once done, when users visit the location where you've embedded the player, they will be able to view the clip in a smaller version (roughly 386 pixels tall by 425 pixels wide).

Why do some videos play back in the old video player? When the new video player debuted, all video links within were modified to redirect to it. However, you may have old video links bookmarked or cached in your browser, or have received hard-coded links to clips via email that still point back to the old video player.

How do I send suggestions or feedback about the video player?Please send us a message via e-mail.

Privacy:There is a link to our privacy policy at the bottom of every page.

Technical support and troubleshooting

How to report a problem with the player.To report any problems or issues you're having with our new video player, please e-mail us. We won't necessarily be able to get back to every person directly during our beta phase, but we are reading every message that comes in and will be working to resolve any serious issues as quickly as possible.

How to get a copy of the Adobe Flash Player.If neeeded, upgrading and installation information should be automatically provided when you launch the player. If this isn't displayed for you, however, you can go to Adobe's Web site for complete details and step-by-step download and installation instructions. The Flash Player is free.

Broken link on the site:Please let us know if you see broken links to our video content. In addition to the URL of the broken link, it's helpful to us to also know the URL of the page you were on when you encountered the broken link. Please submit this information along with any other information about the link by using our technical support form.

Video playback becomes slow or choppy: Videos from are progressively downloaded to your browser for playback. The amount of the video that has been downloaded is indicated by a light gray progress bar above the player controls. On slower connections, or in unusual cases on faster connections, where you are in the playback of a video may be running up against the edge of what's been currently downloaded. When that happens, playback may slow down or become choppy or erratic. In this case, you may want to pause the video until the remainder loads to ensure smooth performance.

Player stops working: Should video playback stop or the player cease to respond to your mouse-clicks, you may need to refresh the player window. On the PC, you can use the keyboard combination CTRL and F5 or CTRL and R. On the Mac, you can use COMMAND and R.

My playlist settings don't stay:Any videos you save to your playlist will not remain if the video player window/page has been closed, refreshed or reloaded. This is an issue we're looking into resolving for a future release.

How to enable JavaScript:JavaScript, a feature of all modern browsers, allows for enhanced features and customization on but may be turned off on your machine. If the site is behaving oddly, check to make sure that JavaScript is enabled.

Internet Explorer 6
1. Select the Tools menu, choose Internet Options from the dropdown menu
2. Click Security
3. Click the Custom Level button
4. Scroll down, click the Enable button under Active Scripting
5. Click OK
6. You may need to restart Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 7
1. Select the Tools menu, choose Internet Options
2. Click Security
3. Click the Custom Level button
4. Scroll down, click the Enable button under Active Scripting and Scripting of Java Applets
5. Click OK; if a box appears asking to confirm, click Yes
6. Click OK
7. You may need to restart Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 8 and 9
1. Select the Tools menu, choose Internet Options
2. Click Security
3. Click Custom Level button
4. Scroll to Scripting section
5. Under Active scripting choose "Enable"
6. Reload the page

Firefox 2 and 3
1. Click the Tools menu, choose Options... from the dropdown (Mac users, click the Firefox menu, then choose Preferences)
2. Click the Content button
3. Check the box next to Enable JavaScript
4. Click OK
5. Reload the page

Safari 2 and 3
1. Click the Safari menu, choose Preferences from the dropdown
2. Click the Security button
3. Check the box next to Enable JavaScript
4. Close the Preferences window
5. Reload the page

1. Click the Tools menu
2. Click Settings
3. Click Show Advanced settings
4. Click Content Settings
5. Under Javascript select "Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)"
6. Reload the page

How to get help with the NBC Sports Silverlight Player:Please visit the NBC Sports general help section by clicking here.


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