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One of the most popular features on is Wonderful World. In this section you will find uplifting, happy stories and videos from the U.S. and abroad — tales of rescues and heroism; cute stories about kids and animals; and heartwarming acts of generosity that demonstrate the best of the human spirit.

But which ones are — drum roll, please — the Happiest of the Year? Well, the tally is in, and here are the Top 10 Happiest Stories of 2007, as measured by the numbers of times site users clicked on them.

Read them all — they're bound to warm your heart during this cold end-of-year weather. In fact, we're so sure that you'll want to read more of these positive postings that we've included 10 more of our personal favorites.

A very happy holiday season to you from the editors of Wonderful World!


The envelope, please:

1: Boy who slept in trash bin is student of the year
Plucky preteen, 11, makes transformation from street kid to model student

2: Twice lucky! Couple wins Lotto jackpot (again)
New Yorkers collect $5 million — 11 years after garnering $2.5 million

3: Kidney donation to hubby ends divorce plans
Woman's heartwarming gift brings couple back together again

4: After 19 years, man wakes to changed Poland
Man who went into coma under communism finds ‘world is prettier now’

5: Lottery winner vows to finish auto-repair jobs
Hard-working N.M. man who hit $62.8 million jackpot will then retire

6: $3 million jackpot winner won't quit work
Lucky player at N.D. casino doesn't want to put employees out of a job

7: Wedding ring saves antique shop owner's life
Band deflected bullet during armed robbery in Jackson, Miss.

8: Cabbie returns 31 diamond rings to passenger
Woman originally gave 30-cent tip, rewards man with $100 for efforts

9: Stolen wallet found 56 years later — to the day
'Maybe it was meant to be found,' says wife of man who makes chance find

10: Goodwill worker gets to keep pajamas jackpot
21-year-old single mother of three found $5,000 in donated clothes


  1. Hero saves teen who fell on NYC subway tracks
    Man leaps, pushes teen into trough, allowing train to pass over them
  2. Pizza Hut waitress gets $10,000 tip
    Check came from family of regulars who heard she couldn’t afford college
  3. Double joy! Twins have babies on same day
    Indiana woman goes into labor while visiting sister having c-section
  4. At 88, she’s a millionaire — and keeps teaching
    Dedicated and talented California educator says she has no plans to retire
  5. Vow in a bottle uncorks a wedding coincidence
    Message floats across lake — and is found by couple married on same date
  6. Manatee swims free after 30 years in sanctuary
    Father-and-son sea creatures now free to roam in Florida waters
  7. Spaniel overturns boat, then swims to get help
    ‘Thank God the dog did what the dog did,’ says owner, 72, after rescue
  8. Dog saves family from blaze started by cat
    Plucky pet comes to the rescue, grabbing homeowner by the arm
  9. Honey the golden retriever nurses stray kitten
    Dog starts lactating to nourish Precious after feline is brought into home
  10. World’s tallest man saves dolphins in China
    Herdsman, 7' 9", uses long arms to pull plastic from creatures' stomachs

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