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“I basically just overpack and hit the road,” actor Keith Robinson says of traveling. “I’m always taking two bags too many. I like to have a lot of options.”
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Keith Robinson’s career is on a roll. The Georgia-bred actor and singer is starring in the upcoming miniseries “Comanche Moon,” which premieres on CBS on Jan. 13, and he’s in theatres now in the film “This Christmas.”

Robinson, best known for his role as C.C. in the smash movie “Dreamgirls,” also appeared in “Fat Albert” and as the Green Power Ranger in “Power Rangers.”

We got a hold of him recently to talk about his jet-setting ways as a celebrity traveler.

Q: So, do you have any travel superstitions?

A: Well, one thing is I always wear the same socks.

Q: You wash them, though, right?

A: Yes. (Laughs) I definitely wash them.

Q:  Do you have a routine when you’re packing?

A: Oh yeah. I basically just overpack and hit the road. I’m always taking two bags too many. I like to have a lot of options.

Q: Anything you can’t travel without, aside from the socks?

A: A Bible. You gotta take that with you because you don’t know what could happen.

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Q: Good point. What’s the best place you’ve been recently?

A: Buenos Aires. It’s such a romantic city and everybody has the same energy as far as being open. It’s a great culture with great food, great wine, great steak, and an intense love for the tango dance. It’s like you’re into this mad tango as soon as you land. And you become a big fan of that whole environment before you leave.

Q: So naturally an entertainer with your credentials showed off his tango abilities, right?

A: Let’s just say I attempted. I didn’t want to get too involved because they’re too experienced over there. I made what we could call a tourist attempt.

Q: And?

A: It went alright. Actually, it might have sucked, but they wouldn’t tell me if it did.

Q: What’s your favorite place to vacation?

A: Probably Miami because there’s a lot to do and a combination of things to choose from. If I do want to take a day to go off on a boat or go sightseeing, I can do that. But I like to do things I don’t get to do when I’m working, like go to the beach, go to restaurants, and get my party on a little bit. I love the weather in Miami, there’s beautiful women, good food, it stays open late, and it’s all about relaxing. You can let your hair down, and you don’t feel any pressure or deadlines. Basically, you just get lost for a few days. You feel like you’ve left the country but you haven’t.

Q: Any other countries you like?

A: I like South America. I’ve been to Peru, and Brazil is nice. I also once shot a movie in Bucharest, Romania, which was more educational than anything. There was a lot of history and a lot of culture. It was cool to see all the old buildings that were erected during the Communist regime and still stand. The President’s house has like 7,000 rooms. And then there’s Turks and Keikos — just a total vacation. Just relax and eat conch fritters. Water’s clear and weather’s beautiful.

Slideshow: Celebrity Sightings Q: Switching gears a bit, do you have any good horror stories from travel?

A: Too many, but I’ll give you a good relatively recent one. It was in Miami, the night of July 3. My friends and I hung out and got excessive to say the least. We decided to get up at 5 a.m. and go deep-sea fishing. Bad decision. It was like 118 degrees, I had a hangover times 20, the boat was rocking and I was extremely sick and hot and sun-burnt.

Q: Where do you absolutely have to go someday?

A: The top of the list is Australia. And Africa, too. Those are the next two places I really want to go. I want to go on a safari and be near the animals. At a safe distance of course. And I hear the culture is really inviting in Australia. I want to see as much of the world as I can.

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