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Sunday, Dec. 30
New video of Bhutto assassination
Pakistan’s new political reality
Four days to Iowa
Momentum for Edwards in Iowa
Concerns on economy continue in 2008
Writer’s strike drama continues
U.S. warship with a legacy
Plane crash hero recognized decades later

Saturday, Dec. 29
New details in tiger attack
2007 a deadly year for police
Pacific Ocean death zone
New bin Laden threats
Russert on Iowa campaign
Candidates' battle for Iowa heats up
Unrest in Pakistan widens

Friday, Dec. 28
Democrats make 'change' a fighting word
'Sopranos' actor suffers from 'dramatic tension'
Zoos examine safety measures
Pakistan breaks down
Bhutto's death a blow to U.S. war on terror
Selling China on human rights
Tracking passport fraud

Thursday, Dec. 27
Crisis in Pakistan
Own Words: 'It was total chaos'
Benazir Bhutto: Her life and times
What will Bhutto's death mean for world politics?
Foreign policy forces its way onto campaign trail
Investigation continues at S.F. Zoo
Digging for diamonds
What's next for Pakistan?

Web extras:
Who killed Bhutto?
Al Jazeera International report

Wednesday, Dec. 26
Bringing the electric car back to life
Teens form uneasy addiction to 'cheese' heroin
Even in strongest markets, home values falling fast
American girl survives Panama plane crash
Eye on the tiger
Balance past due
Instruments of change
Caucus countdown begins in Iowa

Web extras:
Political power
Saving the Siberian tiger

Saturday, Dec. 22
Holiday travel troubles
Iowa campaign countdown
Wide-open races
Tapes hidden from 9/11 Commission?
Little cheer for Iraqi Shiites
Nicaragua releases American
Immigration debate hits campuses
Brazil's poor sing a new tune

Friday, Dec. 21
Iowa '08: The final push
Planes, trains and travel delays
Southeast drought predicted to drag on in 2008
U.S. seeks to increase combat forces in Pakistan
Immigrants tip the scales in Iowa
Pentacostalism speaks in a new, African tongue
Teaching students in a military town

Thursday, Dec. 20
Housing clash in New Orleans
Giuliani leaves hospital
California slams EPA ruling
Cancer risk factor: Are you insured?
Dangerous passage from Cuba
America’s new baby boom
Obama’s voting record hazy
Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

Web extra:
Bush holds year-end news conference

Wednesday, Dec. 19

White House building sustains fire damage

NYC flights limited to ease nationwide delays

Hillary outpaces Obama's 'negatives' in polls

Campaign ads mix politics and religion

Congress hears Pentagon contractor rape case

A new breed of need

Putin named TIME Person of the Year

Monkeys become deadly menace in Delhi

web extra:

Guilt-free eating

To re-gift or not to re-gift

Tuesday, Dec. 18
Congress sets expiration date for gas guzzlers
New rules for mortgage lenders
McCain, back on track
U.S. delivers on Iraq's oil pipe dreams
'Evangelism on steroids'
The gift that keeps on taking
Fallen heroes honored at Arlington

web extra:
High octane faith

Monday, Dec. 17
On the air, across the picket line
Snow welcomed on the Michigan slopes
Home-stretch before the holidays
Set free by Huckabee
Staph infections on the rise
Arizona's 'business death penalty'
Real-life pet detective
The new voice of 'Nightly News'

web extra:
Honoring our fallen soldiers

Sunday, Dec. 16
Wintry assault
What’s next for Northeast weather?
Endorsements for Obama, McCain, Clinton
Romney answers tough questions
Holiday consumer spending matters
Writers strike hits TV viewers
Make your house more energy efficient
Rich 'queen of trash'

Saturday, Dec. 15
Northeast battening down
Winter storm forecast
Southeast adapts to drought
Primary scramble speeds up
Shifting strategies on campaign trail
Some immigrants forsake U.S.
Meet the real 'kite runners'
Pooch with perfect pitch

Friday, Dec. 14
Walloped by the weather
'No, we're not trying to sell GE bulbs'

Making right of a wrongful conviction

World's first environmental refugees

Thursday, Dec.  13
The bad news, bared
Crosstalk: Baseball's steroid scandal
Harsh weather pounds Northeast
Clinton apologizes to Obama
Lower chemo levels urged for early breast cancer patients
NJ votes to abolish death penalty
Dreaming of a green Christmas

web extras:
Is Hollywood banned in China?
Dream come true for Nairobi man
Teen pregnancy on the rise

Wednesday, Dec. 12
Fighting multiple myeloma
The Federal Reserve's $20 billion bailout
Veteran suicides on the rise
No holiday for Hillary
Dark Days
Death march of the penguins

web extras:
Why penguins are at risk
New findings in myeloma research
Ex-Oakland Raider battles myeloma

Tuesday, Dec. 11
Ice storm paralyzes heartland
Monster ice storm pushes across Plains
Suicide truck bombs strike Algeria
Preying on the weak
Huckabee's gift rap
Stay-at-home seniors

Web extras:
Red flag on close calls
Pencils make point on strike
An unlikely blogger

Monday, Dec. 10
Deadly ice storm braces Midwest
Five dead after two church shootings
Supreme Court backs off on crack sentencing
Oprah, Obama -- oh my!
Decision '08: 'Experience versus change'
Isotope shortage could cause medical missteps
Outrageous’ Medicare

web extras:
Lions in the backyard

Sunday, Dec. 9
Big crowds for Obama and Oprah
Huckabee comes under fire
Analyzing latest political polls
Airport near-misses still pose danger
Another big week for the economy
Tourists trek to earth's ends

Saturday, Dec. 8
Oprah stumps for Obama
Star power: Hillary vs. Oprah
CIA probed over destroyed tapes
Keeping up pressure on Iran
Dead man walking after all
Starting over in Canadaville

Friday, Dec. 7
CIA: Lies and videotape?
Mall massacre
Rudy Giuliani: Too rich for politics?
Life in an Iraqi town
The 'green' rush over palm oil
We've got mail
Teaching blind teens to tango

Links and extras

Tango lessons for blind teens
Shimmy Club: Tango for blind teens
Honoring Pearl Harbor Day

Thursday, Dec. 6
The politics of faith
An article of faith
Mortgage mess
Charities wary of recalled toys
Recycling water
Attributing success to dyslexia

Web extras:
'Atlantis' shuttle crew speaks
Surf's up dude!
Romney and Religion

Wednesday, Dec. 5
Nine dead in Omaha mall shooting
Mortgage deal draws fire
Court hears Gitmo appeal
Iranians respond to U.S. estimate
Bush to Iran: 'Come clean'
Eating their hearts out
Runway near-misses on the rise
Children of war

Web extras:
Teens' cancer breakthrough
Iranian reacts to NIE report
More on long-term effects of obesity - hear from doctor
Inside the Iran NIE - Analysis from NBC's Robert Windrem
Tuesday, Dec. 4
High water
Bush defends stance on Iran
Nuclear arms in Iran: A timeline
Iowa hearts Huckabee
Credit card caution
Ann Romney on faith, MS
Girls close the math and science gap

Web extras:
Iranian reacts to NIE report

Monday, Dec. 3
About-face on Iran
Storms slam both coasts
Romney's faith a challenge
Battling childhood obesity
Hugo Chavez, humbled by defeat
Putin stays in charge
Driving home harsh predictions

Web Extras:
Obesity prevention guidelines
Teens' cancer breakthrough

Sunday, Dec. 2
Huckabee, Obama surge in Iowa
Early winter mix
‘Lion whisperer’ at work
Forecast for the Northeast
Election irregularities in Russia?
Vulnerable homeowners target of scams
All eyes are on job report
Will Chavez rule ‘for life’?

Saturday, Dec. 1
Blast of rain, ice and snow
Weather trouble spots
What sparked Clinton office standoff?
Fiery Chavez knocks critics
Putin's latest power play
Ex-brass: Let gays serve openly
Saudi justice unveiled
Love breaking racial barriers
Opening campuses to special students


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