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It was clear what had to be done when one reader's daughter discovered her stuffed bunny was missing. Alert White House security, of course.

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"We lost my daughter's bunny during a tour of the White House. After discovering the stuffed animal was missing, we talked to security and they radioed through the White House looking for the stuffed animal but we never found it," writes Bernadette of San Diego. "We later purchased a dismal replacement but often joked that Buddy, the White House dog, was running around with that stuffed bunny in its mouth."

In response to an story about lost lovies, readers described their own personal quests to hunt down their child's favorite stuffed toy or blankie. One reader's situation was stickier than most.

"I spent 30 minutes crawling on the floor of a movie theater searching for my daughter's favorite plastic princess ring that she thought she'd lost, dragging myself through spilled soda, bubble gum, candy, popcorn, digging in bags of popcorn, etc, desperately trying to find this ring for her while she cried," writes Maurice of Harrisburg, Pa. "Turned out she'd given it to my mother-in-law before the movie began and it was in grandma's pocket all along," he continues.

For more lost lovey quests, keep reading.

We have "baba," a Gymboree blanket. I've purchased two "back up babas" on eBay (for hefty sums) and those have become "travel babas" so original baba generally doesn't go to far from home. We (all but my daughter) call it "ratty baba" but she loves it, holes and all. It's been stitched, patched, you name it. I now have to wash it on delicate in a garment bag and air dry it as the dryer would kill it. And yes, I've driven 4.5 hours to retrieve baba when it was inadvertently left behind.
— Lisa, Aurora, Ill.

We left a beloved stuffed dog at a cabin in the mountains. I searched several toy stores for a replacement, and even called my dad to see if he could get another one, since he had purchased the original. He had entirely forgotten ever buying it! I finally found one on the Internet, but I was not willing to pay the asking price, so we replaced it with a similar doggie and life went on. Three years later, we were in Barnes and Noble, checking out, when I spotted the exact doggie staring at me from behind the counter! My son, now 5, still remembered him, and was overjoyed that doggie had "found him"! It was a kick!
— Michele, Commerce City, Colo.

Our son had a small bear from "Bear in the Big Blue House." He loved Bear and it went everywhere with us. My husband lost Bear when he had our son — Bear was left in a public bathroom at the changing table. Our son was upset so we called the Disney store where we bought it and they stopped selling them. Then the search went to eBay and I found Bear. I even bought a spare Bear. But the damage was done and he never treated Bear the same. Next our son had a yellow dog whom he named Frank. You would think I learned from the Bear situation but I didn't and we lost Frank also. Our son was older though and we talked about where Frank went. We decided he went camping and got lost so we bought another Frank who our son loved just as much as the original. I also bought a spare Frank just in case.
— Brigitte, Dunlevy, Pa.

My daughter was cleaning her room and we were going to paint. She put all of her stuffed animals in garbage bags, tied them up and put them in the garage — way in the back. It took 5 bags to bag them up — which consisted of approximately 15 years of collection. My son who NEVER volunteered to do anything considered work, decided he had been in enough trouble lately and decided to clean the garage. You guessed it. The bags of animals went out in the garbage. When we discovered what happened, my daughter and I actually went to the city dump and went through bags and bags of trash, trying to find all her animals. We found 5, took them home and cleaned them up. We had to throw out our clothes — they smelled so bad. Oh yeah — this was also our wedding anniversary. We spent approximately five hours at the dump and NO, my husband did NOT take me out to dinner. In fact, I had to take two showers just to crawl into bed that night.
— Debbie, Charlotte, N.C.

My daughter was given a stuffed pink teddy with a jingle bell in its left paw. We had gone to a department store, and when we returned home my daughter started asking about it, we looked all over the house, and nothing. I called the department store and some very, very nice person had turned it in to lost and found, yeeha. My daughters reaction was priceless. She had to sleep with this Teddy every night, so I was very grateful. She still has this Teddy and she is now 16 years, it is still part of her bedding make up.
— Kim

As a mom of three little boys, I have been here. I have searched high and low. I can't remember exact circumstances, but they always got found. I ended up going on eBay and buying extras. Unfortunately my plan backfired because my one son now carries BOTH loveys and he NEEDS both loveys. ... It is a parent's natural instinct to do whatever they can to comfort their child and if that includes paying hundreds for a duplicate item, I would too!
— Jen, Niskayuna, N.Y.

Several years ago while staying in a hotel, my child's lovey got tangled in the sheets and left behind when we checked out. We realized it after travelling much too far to turn back to retrieve it. We did contact the hotel who had found the stuffed animal and we eventually had it shipped back to our home. The final solution was that when we traveled again — and to this day (daughter is now a teenager) is that the most valued of stuffed animals stay home, and we have a "travelling bear, cat, etc." Something specifically meant to be taken out of the house. When she was young we endowed this assortment of travelling loveys with all sorts of special qualities that made these preferable to travel than her normal stuffed animal. When her sister was born — there are 6 years between them — the lesson had been learned, and this child's favorite animal has never left home!
— Anonymous, Manchester, N.H.

My 4-year-old daughter was very attached to a pink chenille baby blanket that she (of course) referred to as "blankie." My husband made the mistake of bringing blankie one evening when he took her to a local diner for dinner. At bedtime that night, we determined that blankie was missing. My husband called the restaurant but they said they didn't see it (and that they always hold on to things like that they find.) The next morning, he went up there in his pajamas (with a coat on) at 6:30 a.m., but no blankie. For several nights, our daughter called out in a sad wail "blankie, blankie, blankie..." while I searched the internet for the right pink chenille to make a new blanket. Finally, I went to a fabric store and they suggested that I go down the street to Linens and Things and get a chenille throw. That is what I did — it was exactly the right fabric, though a brownish tan color not, pink. Emily opened it and immediately rubbed her face with it and said "BLANKIE"! She was thrilled with it and remains so almost a year later.
— Laurie, Newton, Mass.

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