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Inside the Hogar Primavera
Photos from inside Susana Luarca's orphanage in Guatemala City.
Children of Jalapa
A photo gallery of the children in Jalapa, Guatemala.
At home with the Galicias
Dateline visited the Galicia family in Guatemala after two girls were reunited with the family.
Bittersweet reunion
Witnessing the return of two kidnapped kids, Dateline producer describes the squalor many children in Guatemala endure – and the daughter still missing for one family.
Two sides
NBC's Victoria Corderi blogs on the two sides of adoption in Guatemala. Many families have had joy come into their lives from the process, but there is also a dark side.
Photos: Kids find new homes in the U.S.
Users share photos of adopted Guatemalan children
  Bleak scenario for kids
Guatemalan orphanage owner says 'Children will suffer' if the government eliminates private operators.
  Three beauties
One American family's Guatemalan adoption story.
  From the heart
After heartbreaking disappointment, a New York family reaches out when a Guatemalan family reunites.
  Little girl lost
Police say six-year-old Candida Galicia was kidnapped and almost sold for adoption. Dateline was there for the family's reunion.
  Guatemala's lost voices
With little social welfare and soaring poverty rates, homeless children in Guatemala have few options.
  Religious processions in Guatemala
Guatemala has preserved a centuries-old traditional Catholic Good Friday procession.
  A Spanish-colonial gateway
Antigua is a small, quaint village in Guatemala steeped in old world tradition.
Reunited! Kidnapped kids returned to family
Producer Benita Noel describes the reunion of two young girls with their family in Guatemala
  More on the positive side of adoption

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