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Image: Volkswagen ad
Watch, rate all the Super Bowl ads
Our Super Bowl Ad Showdown allows you to watch all the ads from the big game and weigh in on what was good and what definitely wasn't.
Video: Business of the Super Bowl
Killing the Agencies, Not So Softly?
CNBC's Darren Rovell talks to one advertiser from yesterday's Super Bowl that has the large agencies a little nervous, with J.R. Burningham, creator of the Doritos Pug Ad, which was ranked at the top of the USA Today Ad Meter.

  Sports Biz
Image: Celtics center Collins grabs a rebound away from  Hawks guard Korver in the first half of their NBA basketball game in Atlanta
Collins' rising brand may induce others to follow
When Jason Collins stepped out of the closet, he opened the door to marketing opportunities that go with the fame of doing something first, sports marketing experts said Tuesday. And since the NBA journeyman was not a household name before Monday, he leaves room for more athletes to claim their own first-out marketing boost.

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