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Part 1

for sale

  The pros and cons of the selling family histories online.

  Web exclusive: A family finds roots
Part 2
The downside of DNA testing

  Are disease predictors accurate?

Blog: Approach gene tests with caution
A special Nightly News series
Part 3
DNA often the best tool

  For Wilton Dedge, DNA was the piece of forensic evidence that set him free from rape allegations.

More web-only videos
Cleared too late

  Hear more from Wilton Dedge.

  Forensic specialist on the need for DNA


    Gender and DNA
    Nightly News
    Why men and women remember things differently

      Jan. 14: New research is showing the difference between how men and women connect memories and emotions. NBC’s Robert Bazell reports. Full story

    Politics and genes
    Conservative or liberal? It may be in the genes

    Politics may not be in the blood, but it could be in the genes. That’s the theory a team of political scientists and geneticists is trying to prove. Full story

    DNA pioneer's genes reveal ironic twist
    Returning to roots
    Genealogy War Records
    AP puts war records online

    Wars generate millions of records, from the color of soldiers' eyes to what their neighbors may have said about them. Full story

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