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Submitted by Michele Beech
This is my dog Synder. She will be 10 years old in June and I've had her since she was 12 weeks. She is a lab/chow mix and is the best natured dog I could ever ask for. She loves cuddles, kisses, will give hugs and even knows how to dance! She is also very vocal whenever I come home from work if she doesn't get her Milkbone! Synder was diagnosed with diabetes last year and is a real trooper when it comes to getting her insulin shots twice a day!
Submitted by Anonymous
I have always had black dogs - 2 Giant Schnauzer and 2 Portuguese Water Dogs. The current PWD being 6 months old. I got him for my 70th birthday from the same breeder as my first one. Yes, they are hard to see at night. I find that a black dog be it small or huge gets my attention every time.

Submitted by John Benson
We heard about "Black dog syndrome" when we picked Onyx up at the shelter here in Bend. She has turned out to be a great dog!
Submitted by Janna Binder
This picture was taken the day we rescued Kara from the Council Bluffs, IA Animal Shelter. She is the sweetest, most energetic, beautiful Black Lab. She was a spur-of-the-moment rescue for us, but turned out to the best birthday present we ever gave our son. In this photo, Kara is taking a bath with her boy, Kendall. She turns two years old next week and is his faithful companion. She sleeps on his bed most nights and is always there when he's sad or hurt. Kara loves to go running with my husband and I, and especially loves to play in the pool or lake with the family. Her other hobby
Submitted by Mary Bittence
I was volunteering at a local dog pound when Missy came in. She was afraid of almost everything. I worked with her for three weeks and knew she had to come home with me. Missy has the shiniest coat of any dog I've ever known. While she's still a little timid with strangers, she loves us and is best friends with our other dog--also a big black dog, doberman mix rescue. We love them both.
Submitted by Carrie Bordeleau
A girl and her dog... Piper is a Black Lab/American Mastiff mixed breed who weighs 140 pounds. We got her as a puppy in February 2003 when our two sons were 2 and 1 years old and I was pregnant with our first daughter. Piper is the best dog I've ever had with children. My kids lay with her, crawl over her, lift up her lips to touch her teeth, and Piper never even moves. My children are now 7, 6, 4, and 3 and Piper is five and still just as good as ever. She is a lover, too and lives for hugs and petting. People who come to our house are sometimes afraid of her size and big bark, but Pip
Submitted by Diana Brogan
This is Georgie, my little boy- named after my brother. He is our fourth black dog. We learned about "black dog syndrome" after adopting Cassie, our 3rd black dog. Our four black dogs are the joy of our life, along with their little yellow sister, Sunny. People ask us all the time, "how do you tell them apart?" I always say, "momma knows!"
Submitted by Lauren Brown
My "baby" Jackson Brown. Watching Animal Planet. I've had six rottweilers and not a single one was mean!!!
Submitted by Jessica Bud
This is my Pitbull Hannibal. He is the best and most loving dog in the world. He is 7 years old now and he is truly my familys best friend. Wonderful with all people, how could you not love him?
Submitted by Anonymous
This guy is Miles, a three year old German Shepherd dog who is the best companion anyone could ask for. He comes form a long line of police dogs, but is not raised to be a worker. He loves to swim in the rivers, and play in the deep snow. He survived a run-in with a car when he was four months old, which shattered his elbow and needed re-constructive surgery. He loves to snuggle and is very talkative. I think black dogs are beautiful!
Submitted by Anonymous
18 years old, and I was holding my first paycheck. My parents, who have always opposed the idea of owning a dog, were out of town. My house had been broken in too just a few weeks earlier, and the need for a sense of security was on all of our minds. So I took the opportunity to go out and search for the cutest pooch to sway my parents "NO DOG" attitude. We have had Jackson for a year now, and he has made himself a veryyy permanent part of the family.
Submitted by Deborah Cota
This is our Xena. She was a rescue puppie. We rescued her from an abusive home...and she rescued us right back. Even though she has gone to doggie heaven to play with my other two black doggies Sugarplum and Chewey, they still remain in our hearts and always will.
Submitted by Anonymous
Emma Lou at the summer's end Doggy Dip. I adopted Emma Lou from the Dubuque Humane Society 2 years ago. She had been at the shelter over 4 months, and was a pretty wild 1 yr old lab. With a bit of love and training she has turned into a wonderful pet. She loves to swim, so we can't wait for the snow to melt and the weather to warm up a bit!
Submitted by Jim Dahl
Fiona picked me out as her best friend. I went to see the litter of pups in a big old barn. While standing inside with them all running around, she ran over and sat down on my shoe and looked up at me...then around the room..Like, I picked my guy out! She has been my best friend and close companian ever since. After going through a tough divorce, Fiona is here and helps keep my spirits up. I could have never been chosen by a better pup!
Submitted by Lisa Daunhauer
Nobody can be exactly like me. Sometimes even I have trouble doing it -- is a Tallulah Bankhead (the Lindsay Lohan of her day, only wittier) quotation that aptly describes my rescue dog Tallulah. Adopted from a Louisianan rescure group, Tallulah has developed from an underweight and seizure-prone puppy to become a therapy dog in both Massachusetts and Colorado. I knew she was cut out for therapy work when she began resting her head on the laps of people in wheelchairs during a jaunt in the summer throngs of Provincetown. She's also prone to drama queen tactics, such as bringing her squeaky po
Submitted by Ingrid Melody De Leon
Hi!! Her name is Deja Vu, and my husband and I adopted her from the Miami animal Service. She is so nice and thankfully and happy, we can see in her eyes. She also loves to play with her sister, Trinity an American bulldog they are the best friend ever, We wish we can spend more time with they I wish people can start to think and help more animals; and don't think about colors just start thinking about life and make happy an animal.
Submitted by Dan Denman
Here is Harley a 10+ year old lab mix. THE VERY BEST DOG FRIEND I HAVE EVER HAD! He even gets to sit on my chair.........I don't even let some people sit in that chair.
Submitted by Jean Domingo
"Zorro", our "big black German Shepherd" was the last of his litter to be adopted out. We knew he would be big, but not 120 lbs! He has a heart of gold and would do anything to protect his family and when he loves you, you know it. Our postman knows it too, as one day, Zorro broke the chain he was on in the front yard, making sure the postman did not deliver our mail that day! The next day we got a notice in the mailbox from the post office waring other carriers of "the big black dog"!
Submitted by Sacha Dronet
I love lounging in the sun! Daisy is a rescue dog from the humane society. I was her 4th home and I believe I was her last hope, a return to the shelter the 4th time was not going to go over well. I have had her since 2001 and we are very happy together. It never occured to me that a black dog might have more of a plight. All my rescue dogs have been black, guess I have been an angel to them.
Submitted by Anonymous
Brutis is a Pet Therapy Certified dog that is a volunteer at the Penn State Children's Hospital in Hershey, PA. He is a very large, very black lab and I wouldn't have it any other way. He's a very special dog and offers so much happiness to all he meets.
Submitted by Lurree Pavis
Kobe the newest most gentle member of our family. We took Kobe after my son went in the Air Force, his dad (my ex) had no room for him to run so we brought him home to North Carolina where we have 5 acres for him to tromp around on. He is a big baby and teddy bear who licks and loves everyone in our family and all our friends. Looks scary to any intruders though!
Submitted by Julia Swanson
Here are our two wonderful black babies, Otis the smaller one is part Chow and Shepherd we were lucky to find him at the Humane Society, Lola our beautiful crazy Shepherd was brought to us by the way of a wonderful rescue West Side German Shepherd Rescue in Los Angeles. Lola more than likely would have been put down if not for the rescue and what a crime that would have been, these two wonderful animals have made our lives complete
Submitted by Tara Parsons
Doris Parsons -- Queen of the Universe! Doris is an almost-seven-year-old-pug who thinks she is a person. She has no concept that she isn't the biggest thing in the room. She loves meeting new people, is incredibly patient with her two- and four-year-old human siblings, and snores and snorts to beat the band. We love it when she gets excited and runs around at top speed with her usually quite curly tail unfurled. She loves to sneeze in your face and is a terrible scrounge, and has turned into quite a licker (furniture, her bed, your leg, what have you) in her old age, but she is always ready f
Submitted by Anonymous
This is Baby Cricket. When I adopted her, she was so tiny and sad she wouldn't even play with her littermates. Most of her littermates had been adopted already, yes they were light brown, I think she was the only black puppy out of all of them. Anyway, she is over a year old and so rambunctious and sweet. I guess all she needed was a place to call home!
Submitted by M Namwen
We got Snickers at 4 months from a rescue center in Los Angeles. The wife said "no black dogs" when we started looking, but Snickers won us over with her playful and kind nature. She's now 10 and is the best dog ever! Funny thing is that because she's black, people assume she's a boy. They also cross the street when we go for walks!
Submitted by Scot Lemons
This is my wonderful solid black Cardigan Welsh Corgi. As you can see he goes everywhere with me.
Submitted by Anonymous
Me and my precious black dog, Macy. She was left dumped at a vet's office as a puppy and I adopted her. She is my best companion has is so smart and loves attention!
Submitted by Alison Kuhlmann
This is Sophie, a two year old Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mix on her graduation from dog training. Sophie was a rescue dog and she has been the happiest part of the last year that I've had her. She is incredibly smart, energetic, and loyal. I can't believe that other people would be leary of adopting black dogs!
Submitted by Anonymous
Sammy - we adopted her from a shelter as a puppy. I just wear dark colors so her fur blends in!
Submitted by Austin White
Me and my wife got our lab/shepard mix, Chloe when she was just a puppy. Her owners were going to take her and another to a shelter if they couldn't give them away so we offered to take one of the two pups. When we arrived, the puppies were outside playing, but when Chloe saw us strangers, she ran in her dog house and wouldn't come out. You would think, since Chloe was so shy we wouldn't have chose her, but my wife begged for me to get her out of the dog house so she could pet her. We both fell in love with her and took Chloe to her new home. She eventually got over her shyness and has be
Submitted by Anonymous
My lovable Lucy sitting in her favorite chair. Lucy was abandoned on a highway and was prenant at the time. An animal shelter found her and took care of her. She went up for adoption, and I saw her on their website and had to have her. She is truly a member of the family, and joy to be around. We just love her.
Submitted by Betsy Jones
Sasha, Pit Bull / Labradour mix, 6mo old She was just rescued from Animal Rescue League on Feb 26th of this year, and yes, being a big black pit bull, she wasn't being noticed.... until WE found her, that is! She is the BEST, most well behaved puppy I've ever had the priviledge of meeting, and we love her dearly!
Submitted by Jordan Krause
This is Loki "Bear," our black lab mix. She was brough to a humane society in southern Florida as part of an abandoned litter and I adpoted her at 8 weeks old. I grew up with a black lab and because of her gentle nature and sweet disposition, when the time came for me to adopt my own dog I sought out to find a black lab. She's 3 1/2 now and loves to sunbathe in the backyard as she's doing in this picture.
Submitted by Robert M
My dogs, Remy (right) and Samantha (left) on the first day we got them as puppies. They are the loves of my life and couldn't ask for two better dogs (although I could ask for dogs that don't get on the couches the minute I leave the house)
Submitted by Anonymous
This is Sadie. She was adopted from a local PetSmart after she had been returned by the first family that had her. She was 8 months old when I got her and had been returned because she jumped fences. I went to great lengths to make my fence higher to keep her safe. I've had her for 5 years now and she's a sweet, loving, wonderful (but very bossy and smart) Border Collie/Cocker Spaniel mix.
Submitted by Michelle Pohle
My husband and I adopted a black dog last year, and can't understand why people wouldn't want them because of the fur color! She is the joy of our lives, and we couldn't imagine our lives without her!
Submitted by Anonymous
This is Charlie. She is a Cocker Spaniel who is 7 years old, blind, overweight (she was 65 pounds but is now down to probably around 40). She gets around great though, and even plays fetch. She loves going for long walks and being brushed. Last April I agreed to foster a Cocker Spaniel. The older gentleman who owned her had lost his apartment when the ceiling caved in. He was living in Salvation Army housing and the dog was at a Rochester animal shelter. Her time was almost up there and he was distraught at the idea of losing her. His case worker and the people at the shelter worked together
Submitted by Evelin P
This is Sonya- she was actually rescued from Mexico when she was still a puppy. Someone had accidently run over her leg with a wheelchair so she had been limping...when I brought her home she quickly recovered and is a very happy pup...she's about 3 yrs old now.
Submitted by Anonymous
Reggie, the most beautiful BLACK German Shepherd! Born on July 4th!
Submitted by Charlie Schicht
This is Kuma, a black lab mix that I got from an animal clinic in Ohio. She made it up here from Alabama and when she came home with a friend of mine, I wanted to take her home. She is such a nice dog and she also reminds me of the first dog I had as a child which was also a black lab. Who knows how long she would have stayed there if I haden't taken her home.
Submitted by Heather Tinguely
Lola and Blanche love photo opportunities.
Submitted by Anonymous
Gus Gus was turned into a shelter by a family with young children who had adopted him only one month before. I happen to work at this shelter and from the moment I met the little guy, knew he was mine and I was his. I lifted him from his inclosure and he contently fell back into my arms, recliningon his back. He loved to be held this way, like a baby. At 12 lbs. he was a constant lap dog. As opinionated as he was small, Gus Gus did not let his small size stop from getting his way. I have alway had larger dogs mostly of the bully types, "pitbull and pitbull mixes" and still do. Because o


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