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Meeting David Wilson

  Watch: 'A Conversation About Race'
  The controversial race-based 'doll test'
April 11: The "Conversation About Race" panel talks about the controversial doll test and how society can begin to correct deep-seated self-esteem problems within the African-American community.

  Stand and be counted
Gut Check America

In the year of Barack Obama, there is much discussion of the state of race relations in America. But many other race-related topics are barely being discussed. Read NBC Senior Vice President Mark Whitaker's essay on the subject and then tell us what's going on in your town or community.

An MSNBC event
April 11, 9 p.m. ET

David Wilson was a 28-year-old African-American man from Newark, New Jersey. He grew up in a tough, urban neighborhood, but managed to navigate his way out of poverty and into the world of news production in New York City. Now, meet another David Wilson: a 62-year-old white man from rural North Carolina. He grew up in Caswell County, where his ancestors once farmed tobacco. He now operates a small chain of BBQ restaurants in nearby Reidsville. Although they have never met, the two men share more than just a name...

Coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the assassination of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., MSNBC premiered "Meeting David Wilson," the remarkable and inspiring story of a young man's reconciliation with his ancestors' history as slaves. The world premiere of "Meeting David Wilson," was hosted by "Today" Correspondent Tiki Barber and followed by a 90-minute live discussion of racial issues in America.

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  Race relations in the U.S.: Your thoughts

We asked you to text us and tell us if the documentary "Meeting David Wilson" made you more hopeful or less hopeful about race relations in the U.S. Here is what you said:

?70 percent of you said you were more hopeful
?14 percent said you were less hopeful
?16 percent said your feelings were unchanged.
  Talking about race in America
April 11: In the documentary “Meeting David Wilson,” a young African-American named David Wilson meets a descendant of the family that owned his ancestors — who is also named David Wilson. Matt Lauer speaks to both men about race in America.
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