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Image: One Year Later
Image: Virginia Tech
Where are Va. Tech headliners now?
It was the worst peacetime mass shooting in American history — 33 dead at Virginia Tech. Many names and images became familiar on front pages, Web sites and TV channels. Find out about some of them in our special interactive.
Video from NBC News' archives
Massacre at Virginia Tech
April 16, 2007: Searing images from a day that an entire community, campus and country will never forget.
Surrendering to grief
April 17, 2007: One day later, the sights and sounds of memorials across Virginia Tech.
Photos: Tragedy at Virginia Tech  
Image: Virginia Tech Anniversary
Campus in mourning
The one-year anniversary of the  worst school shooting in U.S. history is marked on the campus of Virginia Tech
The Roanoke Times
Massacre: Virginia Tech
See images from the deadliest shooting in U.S. history.
Gallery: The Virginia Tech Victims
Photos of the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre.

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