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  So Very Lucky  
  So Very Lucky
In an investigation into state lotteries, Dateline NBC looked at a list of the most frequent winners in eight states. In almost every case, lottery retailers — or their relatives — were among the top winners. Why? Watch NBC’s Chris Hansen’s two-part report here.

  Mexican drug cartels  
  Police video shows Mexican cartels outsmarting U.S. authorities
July 16: On the U.S.-Mexican border, smugglers are eluding U.S. authorities using a brash new tactic. Dateline NBC's Chris Hansen reports.

  Deadly Dealing  
  Deadly Dealing
After a 23-year-old middle-class college grad, Rachel Hoffman, gets caught with marijuana a second time, she becomes a confidential informant for the Tallahassee, Fla. police.

  Nicholas Cosmo  
  Nicholas Cosmo: A Madoff in the making?
Bernard Madoff may have run the world's biggest Ponzi scheme - but many other swindlers are out there. NBC’s Chris Hansen reports on Nicholas Cosmo, who allegedly duped investors out of millions.

  Fast Money  
  Fast money
Dennis Lee has a device he claims offers cash-strapped Americans an alternative to high gas prices at the pump. Will his product pass Dateline’s test-drive? Watch the full segment here.

  Mortgage Madness  
  Inside the financial crisis: Mortgage madness
Dateline gets to the bottom of how bad loans and greed wrecked the U.S. economy in this hour-long investigation. Hear from Countrywide insiders and whistleblowers who have never spoken publicly before.

  Work from home schemes  
Promises, promises: Work-from-home scams
Dateline uncovers online schemes thieves used to dupe innocent victims.

  The evictors  
  Checking in on an evicted family
Update: Dateline NBC revisits the family who was evicted from their home in Las Vegas last year to see how they are doing now.

  The cross-dressing thief  
  Diamonds are this cross-dressing thief’s best friend
Charles Kertesz was a jewel thief with a penchant for unusual disguises. Dateline’s Chris Hansen has Kertesz’s story, which includes six successful heists… some of which he pulled off in women’s clothing.

  Reality Bites  
  Reality bites update
NBC’s Chris Hansen has an update on Gemase Simmons, the man who scammed seven people into thinking they were on the path to reality TV stardom and supermodel success. Watch the full hour here.


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  Cambodia: Children for sale  
  Child innocence lost in brothels
A Dateline hidden camera mission exposes the child-sex brothels in Cambodia.

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