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Submitted by Anonymous
This is me now (2008); I will be 50 yrs old in mid april. I have never had any cosmetic procedures or botox or peels or anything; just ate right and never smoked and took good care of myself. I was a strick vegetarian from age 20 till a few years ago. I still do not eat red meat.
Submitted by Anonymous
I am the one in brown on the right. That was taken last March 2008. I am 49. I have not had any cosmetic procedures. I play tennis, eat what I want, enjoy wine, family, and friends. I laugh a lot.
Submitted by Anonymous
This picture was taken today 4/21/2008 at home. I’m 60 years old but don't feel anything close to this age. I never used any makeup; I like to sit in the sun for couple hours on my days off. I do smoke cigarettes since 14 years old. I do not exercise, just lazy. I eat anything from junk food to healthy food. I think that the body needs little from everything. I’m considering having cosmetic procedure in my face sometimes next year. I don't believe in any of the creams that on the market, they just a rip-off. I wash my face and body in hot water with soap and use lotion on my face and body. I
Submitted by Lorraine Hutto
Jan 2008 photo. I am 50 this year.
Submitted by marty armendariz
Me at 54 yrs old - My regimine?.... lots of water, natural vitamins, some dancing, plenty of sleep, using Retin-A and alpha-hydroxy on alternate nights with lots of moisturizer at night and every day. Also a sunblock in my makeup foundation. Surgical procedures: lipo under the chin (hereditary fat deposits), fat removed from under the eyes, lower face lift.
Submitted by Anonymous
feb 2008 @40 yrs old. 1 yr use of Obagi products, Isagenix Cleansing Program, Infrared heat. I feel more comfortable now with myself = I can afford more quality makeup and get expensive hair services than when I was younger. At my age, no more excuse hits or misses.

Submitted by R. Kirk Davis
Now! Here I am today March 31, 2008 at 51 years old (to be 52 years old April 30). I have had two heart attacks one in October 2003 and anotherin October 2004. For the ;ast two hears, I have been 1: swimming 40 laps a day in my pool. 2. Riding a Schwinn Airdyne stationary bicycle for 20-25 miles a week and 3. Strenght training by lifting weights on my lanai. I purchased a full size personal gym. I use it quite regularly towork out and NO HANGING CLOTHES on the lat bar!! HAHAHA. My cardiologist, Dr. Francis Boucek of Anchor Health in Naples Florida is proud of me! I eat no junk food,
Submitted by Anonymous
Age 50, on my birthday!
Submitted by Fletcher Hart
me now
Submitted by Bonnie Konkus
Submitted by Melissa Martinez
This is me now at 28
Submitted by Ron Gillis
The color picture was taken last year in Yunnan Province China. I've been teaching english here for two years. (I'm the one in the white "Earth First" T shirt) I will be 69 years old in August. Since '64 I've been a merchant seaman, a Salvation army officer on the Bowery (when it was the worlds Skid Row,) a commercial fisherman, and pastor of Congregational churches in Maine. I've also done a few other things I probably shouldn't talk about. I still beat students at arm wrestling. Although my Salvation Army friends might disagree I think its the result of a life of good beer and bad women.
Submitted by Anonymous
This is me at age 75. I am still healthy, all my lab tests give me a perfect report and I still do not have any weight problem, exercise daily by just walking up and down stairs and other exercises about 3 times per week. I do not eat red meat but only chicken, turkey and seafood, lots of veggies and fruit. I also eat lots of nuts (raw almonds and drink Cranberry/Pomegranate Juice for my breakfast with a bowl of oatmeal occasionally. Not on any specific number of calories. Have never been a drinker or smoker other than a glass of wine occasionally. Always try to think happy thoughts and am a v
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3 months ago
Submitted by Joel Simpson
Age 18 1955 RAF Greenham Common ,England
Submitted by Anonymous
me in 1980
Submitted by Jim Johnston
This is a combo picture of me. The left side is circa 1980 at age 31 and the right side is 2007 at age 48. As for staying in shape, I don't really work out but I am active. I surf, golf, and play in a softball league. I am about 10 pounds heavier now than I was then, and I think that's not too bad.
Submitted by Chris Newell
Chris Newell Left: Age 25, Berkeley, CA - 1974 Right: Age 57, San Miguel de Allende - 2007


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