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Submitted by Clarice Baker
This is me and my daughter Alexis. Everyone says she looks like i cloned myself. :)
Submitted by Stephanie Barkosky
My daughter and I get the "Are you two sister!?!" remark all the time. We do look and act a lot alike.
Submitted by Rashmi Beedubail
me and mini me
Submitted by Carrie Bright
Me and my 4 year old mini on our deck
Submitted by Stephanie Burget
Madison and Mommy
Submitted by Anonymous
School picnic in matching Minnie Mouse dresses!
Submitted by Anonymous
Mother and daughter
Submitted by Bailey Carpenter
Bailey, 23 and Kathryn, 49 before the Colorado Rockies home opener against Arizona, 4/4/08
Submitted by Vicki Cassidy
Blue eyes to match!
Submitted by Anonymous
This photo was taken at Miss Tennessee 2007. Can you tell which one is the youngest? My mom is on the on the left, I am on the right. We have more photos together where we look more alike. This one is just a good one.
Submitted by Pam Danks
Lauren age 15 and mother Pam age 38.
Submitted by Kamela DeAtley
International adoption made this photo possible. As a mother through both birth and adoption, I have to say it is the same and it is different. And both are wonderful! Your child is your child--no matter how they arrive in your family or whether you look like each other. If you look closely at this picture, you can see our hearts look EXACTLY the same.
Submitted by Amy Duckworth
Amy and Katie D
Submitted by Stacy Freeman
Girls day out
Submitted by Jennifer Gee
Mommy and Kendall having fun in the sun!
Submitted by Anonymous
My Best Friend
Submitted by Denise Gipson
Me and my little girl
Submitted by Anonymous
Submitted by Natalie Green
Natalie and daughter Nasia.
Submitted by Jill Hart
Like mother, like daughter....Easter weekend 2007.
Submitted by Bushra Hassan
Me and mini-me One year old Sarah with her mom
Submitted by Marty Hoffmaster
Roseanne Hoffmaster and Alison Davies - mother and daughter
Submitted by Cara Killackey
Mother daughter photo shoot
Submitted by Katrina Lanius
We look like twins.
Submitted by Stacie Lechot
me and my mini-me!
Submitted by Shelly Lewis
I have two mini-mi's, my 5 year old twins.
Submitted by Jen Lindberg
People say I look just like my mom, I even got her short height and her great hair color! Later on, maybe I will really appreciate it when they say that, but for now, I want to be me!
Submitted by Anonymous
This is a picture of my daughter and I on Valentines Day in NYC- even though her hair is darker- everyone tells me she is a mini-me!
Submitted by Julie Lyons
With my mom for Mother's Day tea in May 2007
Submitted by meghan mach
My mother, Beverly, and I on March 23, 2008. People tell us we look like sisters! We are told our mannerisms and voices are identical! We enjoy spending time together!
Submitted by Anonymous
My Amara and Me
Submitted by Amy Maltbie
This is a recent picture of my 9 year old daughter, Julia, and myself taken on the beach at Bald Head Island, NC. Everyone I know says she is my mini-me but I always say that I'm so proud to be a "MAXI-HER"!
Submitted by Heather Mattingly
my daughter and myself at roughly the same age
Submitted by Anonymous
Our Spring Smile - My daughter, Neha and I look into each other's eyes
Submitted by patricia palmer
This is my youngest daughter, Diana and me. I am very flattered when people remark we look alot alike, because I think she is a real beauty!
Submitted by Lisa Pawlik
This picture of my mom Brenda and me, Lisa, was taken on Mother's Day 2005. My birthday was also this day (May 11th). It's really neat to be able to share my mom's special day with her, well at least once every few years or so.
Submitted by barb platt
mom and her son mini-me!
Submitted by Anonymous
She calls me her mini me
Submitted by Anonymous
Here is a picture of me and my daughter that we look a lot a like!
Submitted by JESSICA ROE
Submitted by Anonymous
Mommy and her sidekick playing at the park
Submitted by Tana Ryan
This is a picture of the both of us opening McKenzie's Birthday presents, You would think it was a birthday party for the both of us because the whole time she is opening her presents we are both talking about the outfits and were we can go to wear them!!!
Submitted by Stacey Salazar
Me and my shadows
Submitted by Anonymous
Gianna Maria (Gigi) is my little mini-me in all aspects...physically, personality and...temper!
Submitted by Anonymous
Tori and daughter Lillian
Submitted by Anonymous
This is a picture of me and my mom taken in December 2007. Everybody says I'm the younger version of mommy, but more often, we are mistaken as sisters.
Submitted by Bethany Taylor
This is Bethany and her daughter, Elise, age 2. We can't go anywhere without people noticing that we have the same hair, eyes, nose and smile!! We talk the same too!!
Submitted by Anonymous
This pair is more than mother and daugher...the little one is a clone! Look at the angle of the tilted head...it's even the same!!!
Submitted by Anonymous
New lawyer and newer lawyer!
Submitted by Donna Wallace
Me and my mini me Chloe
Submitted by Anonymous
Submitted by Lydia Wray
Mommy, Lydia, and her precious mini-me, Audrey


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