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The estranged wife of New Jersey's gay ex-governor said she agreed to live in the governor's mansion to please her new husband, even though their condo was an hour closer to her job.

Dina Matos said Gov. James McGreevey wanted a working spouse to "enhance his image."

Matos was on the witness stand for a second day Thursday in their bitter divorce trial.

She testified Wednesday that she drained her savings account to foot the bill for her $30,000 wedding, and consented to add 40 of McGreevey's political cronies to the guest list.

Matos is seeking child support and alimony. McGreevey resigned in 2004 amid a gay sex scandal.

Dispute over marital assests
The McGreeveys wed in 2000, but their marriage unraveled after he proclaimed himself "a gay American" in 2004, announced he had had an affair with a male staffer and resigned as governor. The staffer denied the affair and said he was sexually harassed by McGreevey.

Matos, 41, wants compensation for losing out on the perks of his job — state police transportation and a 24/7 security detail, a household staff and use of two beach houses — because he resigned 13 months shy of completing his first term.

McGreevey maintained that perks of the governor's office were not a marital asset.

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