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  Videos: Something Wicked
  Courtney Jacob
A surprise ending to the story of a woman who tries to have her husband killed.
  Ivy Jean Davis
A woman wants to have three men murdered. 
  Lynn Kilroy
A housewife tries to set up a hit on her husband in exchange for $200,000 worth of jewelry.
  Pamela Dickens
A prison guard wants to have her husband killed so she can start a new life with an inmate once he gets out. 
  Rebecca Simpson
A woman wants her lover's new wife out of the picture.
  Versie Jackson
A woman tries to have her grandchildren and their mother killed to keep her son out of prison.
  Video: Inside and undercover
  Becoming a hit man
Find out what it takes to become an undercover agent who poses as a hit man.
  A special breed
ATF Director Michael Sullivan explains how his agents perform undercover murder-for-hire sting operations.

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