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Whether you missed a Dateline episode or want to see it again, 5 Minute Mysteries give you the whole story, compressed into five minutes.
  The detective's daughter
A kidnapped detective's daughter called 911. So did her husband. So did witnesses. They all thought help would be on the way. They were wrong. Watch a Web-exclusive short version of the Dateline episode.
  5 Minute Mysteries: Get your Dateline fix fast!
Want a quick fix for your Dateline craving? Check out our 5 Minute Mysteries, always available on
  Cause for alarm
Debate over whether a wife shot her cheating husband divides everyone – including the jurors.

  Tipping point
A new bride on her honeymoon falls to her death off a cliff in Alaska. Was it an accident or the groom's plan all along?
  Flight to nowhere
An airplane mechanic went missing, and his wife said he left with a mysterious passenger. But police had more questions about his marriage.
  Fatal attraction
Mary Lynn Witherspoon lived a sweet, Southern life anybody could envy — until a young man obsessed with her decided to take it away.
  Doctor accused of overdosing lover during fling
She was a beautiful woman; he was a smart successful doctor. But was he also a killer?
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  Taken too soon
The murder of 8-year-old Amy Yates was solved. So why did one of her playmates confess two years later?
  In plain sight
A teenager master-minded a murder plot of an innocent grandfather... from the confines of his wheelchair.

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