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It could be an old bank account or some forgotten stock -- even a utility deposit you never got back. An estimated $30 billion+ of unclaimed property is sitting in state treasuries waiting to be returned to millions of Americans.   State officials often don't have the resources to find everybody.  Now, in a different kind of "Dateline NBC," Tiki Barber leads a team of 'on-air detectives,' including NBC News' Peter Alexander and Tamron Hall, as they cross the country helping states crack some of their toughest, unsolved cases.

"You Might Be Rich!," airing on Monday, July 14 (10 PM/ET), finds ordinary people who are unaware they have money coming to them and gives them the unbelievable news. This special hour-long program helps return almost $1.5 million dollars to four different families, including one couple who was shocked with the news that they had more than three quarters of a million dollars coming to them. In another case, three adult children, whose father died in 2003, had no idea he left them a small fortune. And in yet another surprising situation, a large amount of money sat for 20 years in the South Carolina state treasury -- until "Dateline" found the rightful owner.

David Corvo is the executive producer of "Dateline NBC."


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