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Much of the evidence presented in trial was notes and e-mails sent between Mechele Hughes, John Carlin, III, and Kent “T.T.” Leppink.  The prosecution claimed these notes and e-mails amounted to pre-meditated murder and that Carlin and Hughes plotted to lure T.T. to his death.  The Defense claimed they show nothing of the sort but rather were harmless e-mails and notes, pieces of trivia or subterfuge to keep T.T. from stalking Mechele.  Read them and judge for yourself.


In this e-mail from Mechele Hughes to John Carlin, III, she tells him you can buy a citizenship for the tiny Seychelles Islands for $10 million and they won’t extradite you, regardless the offense.  Was this trivia? Or is it proof that the two had murderous intent?

Give up my life

The prosecution claimed that John Carlin III was so in love with Mechele Hughes that he killed Kent “T.T.” Leppink for her and cited this e-mail as proof of his devotion.

Happy husband

The motive for murder, claimed the prosecution, was for Mechele Hughes to collect on Kent “T.T.” Leppink’s million-dollar life insurance policy.  They used this e-mail to show how she was stringing him along by professing her love.


To show the previous e-mail was a ruse, the prosecution also presented this e-mail, sent from Mechele Hughes to her mother.  In it, she makes light of her relationship with Kent “T.T.” Leppink, ending the e-mail with 47 “HA HA HA”s.

Fat, bald, impotent

According to the prosecution, John Carlin III played his part by maintaining a friendship with T.T. and convincing him he wasn’t competition in vying for Mechele’s affections.  In this e-mail, he explains to T.T. why he shouldn’t be concerned.

Hope note

One of the most damning pieces of evidence, according to the jury, was what became known as the “Hope note.”  It is a letter, half typed by John Carlin III, half hand-written by Mechele Hughes.  In it, they discuss a cabin in Hope, Alaska.  The letter was left out for Kent “T.T.” Leppink to find and would cause him to go to Hope looking for Mechele.  It was just outside Hope, where T.T. was shot and killed.  The catch?  There is no cabin in Hope.  There never was.  Carlin and Hughes made the whole thing up.  They claim it was to keep T.T. from stalking Mechele.  The prosecution claims it was a carefully crafted lure to draw T.T. to his death. 

Kent’s Letter to his Parents

Just before his death, Kent “T.T.” Leppink sent this letter, sealed in an envelope, to his parents with explicit instructions that it should not be opened unless he died.  T.T. had some inkling that something might happen to him and wanted to ensure that if it did, those responsible would be brought to justice.  Read the letter and find out whom T.T. fingered as his possible killers.  Portions of the letter have been redacted by the prosecution. , , ,


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