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Submitted by jaQ arntfield
jaQ, 24 yrs old and sahm to a 2-yr-old girl and 5-yr-old boy... taking them to a water park, july 2008
Submitted by Sabrina Culver
My arms,face,belly..everything is halved!!! My secret?Running after 2 kids...
Submitted by Anonymous
My twin boys were born in 2006, I am 5 ft. 1, and it took me 2.5 years to get back to pre-pregnancy weight, with the help of the Weight Watchers at Work program. Even though I am back in a size 2 to 4, my belly will never be the same as it used to be, and I'm okay with that because my boys are worth every stretch mark and ounce of loose skin I gained in the process of becoming their mother!
Submitted by Sarah Elliott
This was the day of my friends wedding shower and the first day that Jack stayed alone with Daddy. I've been eating a lot of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and staying hydrated. I'm still walking and/or running daily. If it is raining I will sometimes go on my stationary bike. I'm also doing some light weight/high repetition weight training. I've begun abdominal strengthening exercises, but had to wait until my muscles were no longer separated.
Submitted by Anonymous
This is how I look now, 30 years after giving birth; however, I looked exactly the same way FIVE days after giving birth to my daughter. I was exercising in the hospital for five days and I got back in my pre-pregnancy clothes when I walked out of the hospital. I am still exercising and I am still the exact same size I was when I was 18 years old. I don't believe you have to be a celebrity to care about your looks and live a healthy lifestyle; or otherwise, I am a celebrity, too...
Submitted by norma hernandez
Now almost 2 years later I lost 70+ pounds. I workout 2x a day (before and after work) every day including weekends. I took up spinning because it gives me a great cardio workout. I also eat healthy and try to stay away from fast food. I have a vegatable garden at home and enjoy zuchini on a daily basis. I drink plenty of water. Running after a 2 yr. old toddler also keeps my on my toes. I just want to say to all those new moms out there that if you set your mind and really dedicate yourself to eating right and exercising you really can loose weight.
Submitted by Anonymous
10 months later- back in my "regular clothes"- thanks to JAZZERCIZE!! :)
Submitted by Sara Ketterman
another 'after' photo :)
Submitted by Anonymous
42 with my 1 year old son.no nanny,personal trainer,or chef.just nice walks with my son and dog
Submitted by Diana Lopez
8 months after the delivery of my first baby(July 2006).
Submitted by Kenna Lorne
In Jamaica...with my close to pre-baby body
Submitted by Stacey Quigg
after 2 c-sections!
Submitted by Dawn Sim
My 2 baby girls and I. Picture taken in July 2008
Submitted by Chanel Todd
Five months after having my daughter. I didn't work out, my body just snapped back literally three weeks later. Just an advantage of being young with good genes I guess.
Submitted by Oxana Tzolos
Hi, I think this "the body after baby" boom is really abnormal and unnecessary. I lost my 40 pounds in one year after birth with some diet (limited fat, carbs, but not strict limitation) and good routine of exercise program (5 days per week). Program includes body weights and cardio. Oh, and I drink water or tea (32 oz at least). I had a little bit of pressure about my body after birth because of those celebs' pictures, but we do not playing fair game here. I do not believe that they loosing this weight naturally. I am certain that they taking some pills and using some plastic surgery.
Submitted by Dian Van Patten Singh
At 56 years old (almost 57), I am a mother of two daughters, 34 and 26, plus a grandmother of three, 15, 13, 11. At 22, I had my first daughter (a month early) and was very thin before I had her, so I was happy to keep an extra 10 lbs. after delivery. After daughter #2 (and me being 30), my body was a little different and kept an extra 15 lbs that I didn't want. So I thought that I'd start working out a week after giving birth. But, doing crunches is not the best exercise to do while your uterus is still recovering. I ended up having excessive uterine bleeding and couldn't work out for an
Submitted by Anonymous
Me and my girl at 7 mos. post baby! Breast feeding helped, I still have more curves than I did before, but men seem to like it! I work out a few times a week with light weights and walking for about 30 mins. (if I am lucky to get 30 mins.). I also try to watch what I eat, no sweets and lots of veggies.


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