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Video: Decision '08  
Turning Point: 2008
Nov. 5: NBC's Tom Brokaw recaps the historic election of America's first black president. Produced by's Kevin Flynn.

  1948: The Elephant Learns a Lesson
Aug. 29: Dewey Republicans enter the TV era behind a baby pachyderm – and a candidate who provides an enduring lesson against overconfidence.

60 years of a televised DNC
Aug. 22: Watch video highlights of the DNC dating back to 1948.
Election A to Z
Do you have questions about the election process? We'll answer them.

NBC News

Candidate Brain Trusts
See who is in the inner circles of the campaigns of Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama.

NBC News

  Picking the president: The candidates
Click to visit that candidate’s page or click the XML symbol for an RSS feed.

John McCain
Barack Obama

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