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Tying the Knot

  For transgendered people, the road to the wedding day can be filled with anguish, and almost unbearable torment, for them as well as their families. But for Amber, living happily ever after became a mission she simply had to accomplish.

  Amber's dress fitting
  Charles, Danelle tell all
Previously on 'Born in the Wrong Body'

'Born in the Wrong Body: A Change of Heart'

  What happens when you change your gender and then have a change of heart? Watch the full documentary.

Read a Q&A with Josef from 'A Change of Heart'
Meet Jake

Jake, 16, was born as a girl but from an early age says he felt as if he was really a boy.

Image gallery

Born one gender, living another

See photos of people interviewed in the original documentary, "Born in the Wrong Body."

Book excerpt

Growing up trapped in a man's body

Tayler, a 21-year-old, describes growing up as a boy, despite always feeling that she was truly a girl,.