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Submitted by pat allgood
Fayeroe saved me from a possible assault when two men tried to break into my house during the middle of the night. Before the police could get to my home, Fayeroe fought the two men and was stabbed 4 times. The police caught the two men about two months later as they were breaking into another house behind me. They had two knives and one gun with them. She almost died before I could get her to the vet and Dr. Bower told me that due to her fierce nature, she pulled through. Fayedy is one half Airedale and one half Boxer. She is my heroine and travels with me everywhere I go.
Submitted by debi applebee
This is Minstrel, she hasnt done anything truely heroic, BUT it is is heroic that she has clung to life for 23 yrs - yes really, she is 23 yrs old. She showed up in the summer of 1986 on my parents back deck, she was about 6 months old and a stray. She was my cat when I lived at home until the mid 90's. Last summer (2007)my parents moved and could no longer keep her, so she came to my house and now belongs to my 8 yr old daughter.
Submitted by Anonymous
While hiking down a dried creek bed, i slipped and fell and landed face to face with a rattlesnake. Within seconds Maeve jumped out of the woods, grabbed the snake by the tail and tossed it away from us. She saved my life that day!!
Submitted by Anonymous
This is Puma, While he didnt actually save me from a life threatening crisis, he's always aware when something is not right... when I am sick w/ a really awful cold or sad from something that has happened, he'll lay ontop of me until I start to feel better...(as taken in this photo) he just knows my thoughts and wants to make me feel better....
Submitted by sandra davis
This is BlackTop, bottle feed baby.
Submitted by Russ Glines
Tess, our golden retriever went to the vet for her annual check up and met another another owner that had just discovered her own dog was terminal. Tess saw the tears in her, the other owner's, eyes and new it was time to give "A HUG"!
Submitted by Beth Hoover
Our Hero, Kimba! Kimba was missing for 6 weeks and we had given up hope... until a few days ago. I received a call from a home builder's wife who said her husband found a cat with my phone number on the collar. The worst part was that he found her right next door in a home they had been building for months! Kimba had crawled into an air vent and the workers had actually dry walled her in. It was only after the 6 weeks that someone heard her almost silent meow. By the time, I saw her, she went from a healthy 8.5 lbs to 5.1 lbs!! She stayed in a local animal hospital for 2 nights and then
Submitted by Anonymous
This is my dog Dakota. I believe that my Labrador knew of my breast cancer sooner than I did. He had been acting A LOT more clingy than usual. Dakota is usually one to lie around various places in our house, but a few weeks before I found a lump in my breast, he would not leave my side. He was following me everywhere I went, to the point that he was bothering me. I would tell him to "go lay down" and he would not listen to me. It didn't matter how long I sat in one place, he was there. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 1/2 years ago (at age 34) and I know and truly believe Dakota wa
Submitted by Anonymous
Without any prior learnings other then, I always say where is my phone and find it myself before walks. Angel (pre-named) was able to find the phone and bring it to me when I was unable to move due to kidney stones and needed to call 911.
Submitted by Anonymous
My dog - lying on top of me - spent an entire weekend comforting me after surgery for a retinal tear. I had to keep my head tilted to the side and he stayed with me the entire time.
Submitted by Anonymous
my little sugar lets me know when her dad is having seizures. 2 1/2 years ago she started smelling my mouth and turning away. i had a lung biopsy and have stage IV non small cell lung cancer. it is stable for 2 years now with a chemo pill. now when she smells my mouth she gives mea kiss. i knew before i had the biopsy i had lung cancer just by the way she acted. my dog is my hero. thank GOD for fur babies


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