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Web-exclusive preview of 'Dead Men Talking'

Dead Men Talking: Final Exit — Seeking answers


  This documentary series follows medical examiners as they investigate mysterious deaths. In the following clip we meet an old man, Leo, who is distraught at the sudden death of his wife. Leo looks to Macomb County, Mich. medical examiners for answers as he grieves.

Accidental death?

  A middle-aged man is found dead with his head through a plaster wall. Was it a tragic accident, or something more sinister?


    Entering the morgue

    Neighbors forever

      Forty-four-year-old Jill Moore and 19-year-old Ryan Sadowski have their lives cut tragically short and find themselves neighbors in Dr. Daniel Spitz’s Michigan morgue.

    Behind the scenes

    Morgue technicians talk

      Dr. Daniel Spitz’s morgue assistants, Christina Heisler and Michelle Waters, talk candidly about life as forensic technicians.

    Death hits home

    A tribute to Buster

      Watch a tribute to Medical Investigator Patti Roland’s beloved bulldog Buster, who passed away shortly after filming the Dead Men Talking series.