Submitted by Anonymous
Riley, our 2 year old Westie, likes to chill out in the tub after a long day digging up our back yard!
Submitted by Mary Bravo
Dante and Gus LUV to stay cool in the baby pool come the hot dog days of summer!
Submitted by James Brewer
Great Dane - Not so "great" swimmer!
Submitted by Anonymous
"Think I could get something cold to drink here?"
Submitted by Christine Gerstenberger
My white cat loves to roll in the dirt to keep cool. I'm not sure how that works . . .
Submitted by Jonathan Hall
Austin Hall and his 4 month old yellow lab puppy "Dallas" trying to stay cool in the Memphis heat of 106 degrees.
Submitted by Joshua Harrison
Here is a picture of our border collie Chance keeping cool in the shady grass under our porch this summer.
Submitted by Monique Klooesterman
This is Cooper Friday cooling off in our pool. Not only is he cooling off, he's getting physio therapy as he recently had hip surgery.
Submitted by Ken Lam
Shadow catching a "cooler" breeze
Submitted by Anonymous
Oliver takes a dip in the "big" dog water bowl at the dog park.
Submitted by Luke Phelps
This is Tank,he loves to sit on the stairs of the pool and cool off after running around in the hot Iowa sun.
Submitted by Anonymous
Our kitty, Little Man, loved to sleep on the porch under the clothes rack during the summer. This picture was taken last summer in 2006, 6 months before he was hit by a car
Submitted by Michelle sheely
Our new puppy Cody stays cool in the shade on the cool grass.
Submitted by Keith Speaks
Bella the chihuahua cooling off on a hot Louisiana day.
Submitted by Jenna Stock
Alley the otter dog! Alley is an 8 year old spaniel mix that absolutely loves to go swimming in the pool with her football. On hot days, we can't keep her out of there!
Submitted by Huan Vu
When it get hot inland where we live. We head to the beach. But Millie, our golden mutt hates getting wet!
Submitted by Anonymous
Until we got the pool, Jock would cool his feet off by stepping and splashing in his water dish. He loves the new pool!
Submitted by Dede White
Our dogs go swimming in our pool under strict supervision. They love it and stay cool at the same time.
Submitted by Tammy Wise
Maya after a good shaved hair cut! She's normally such a furry dog but this keeps her tremendously cool in this Florida hot weather!
Submitted by Maria Zemba
My dog Bennie keeps cool in the summer months with me chilling in the pool on his own chair. To keep the sun out of his eyes and to not get burned, he wears a hat.


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