Video: Princess Palin? You betcha!

updated 10/8/2008 6:05:48 PM ET 2008-10-08T22:05:48

Barack Obama and Dick Cheney are not the only political odd couple who share a family tree. Sarah Palin is linked in her lineage to Franklin Roosevelt.

According to genealogists at, Roosevelt is Palin's ninth cousin once removed. Their common ancestor is Reverend John Lothrop, who came to Massachusetts in 1634.

The Web site's researchers have found that Palin also has ties to the late Princess Diana. The Alaska governor is a 10th cousin of the former royal.

Last year, Cheney's wife, Lynne, discovered the ancestral ties between the Republican vice president and Democratic presidential nominee while researching her book. She said the relationship was eighth cousin, though the Chicago Sun-Times has traced it as ninth cousins once removed.

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