Submitted by Jo Austin
This is Levi. He is the Seattle Chapter President of "Chihuahua's for Obama" He's been busy hitting the campaign trail whenever possible.
Submitted by Lauren Cohen
Oliver Gizmo Cohen "Barks for Obama!"
Submitted by Chris Wallis
My beagle, Emma, has been a passionate Barack Obama supporter from the beginning.

Submitted by Anonymous
Michael Skelly is running for Congress in our 7th District here in Houston, Texas. Every evening on our walk he runs out to the sign and rubs his face on it. He's a Democat, evidently! Smart Cats for Michael Skelly!
Submitted by Bradley Hayden
May the best candidate win--democracy in action!

Submitted by Pam Gall
Frannie helps apply a McCain/Palin sticker to her owner's vehicle while proudly wearing her favorite shirt.
Submitted by Sheena Heikkila
This is Mortimer, and he loves loves loves his Obama t-shirt. He looks smashing in it and starts jumping around when I take it out so he can wear it. He is a kind and courteous puppy who loves to make people happy, which makes him the perfect Obama supporter! He has even worn his t-shirt out canvassing for Obama.
Submitted by Rhonda Barrientos
Mozart says: If I could vote, I'd vote DemoCat!
Submitted by Alyssa Banditelli
This is my two and a half year old mini-dachshund. If Stella could marry another dog I'm sure she would choose her best friend/lover Abby. So she would definitely vote for OBAMA, who does not support the constitutional ban on gay marriage.
Submitted by Ted Hutchins
Mollie, voting for a brighter future.
Submitted by Anonymous
Walking my favorite running mate to the polls

Submitted by Debasis Chakrabarti
The Aspirant
Submitted by Anonymous
Alice doesn't care who wins, as long as she gets invited over.

Submitted by Barbara Katen
ChaCha and her Human support Obama!
Submitted by Mary Raffetto
Chico is looking forward to the election and he supports Obama!!
Submitted by Cindy Witherspoon
Jacks for Obama!
Submitted by Melanie Clarkson
Finnegan at the White House. Finney 08
Submitted by Stephanie Rex
Republican Rover
Submitted by Anonymous
North Carolina Dogs for Obama!
Submitted by Donna Hamil
Roxy the Chihuahua puts on a button for Obama.
Submitted by Gloria Childers
Submitted by ada nieves
Chi-Obama 2008 Yes!! we mexi-CAN!!! chihuahua name is Bonbon Nieves
Submitted by ada nieves
Paw-lin in her 2 piece bikini and MISS ALASKA 2008 sage holding her favorite MAVERICK beer to share with JOE SIX PACK showing the Chihuahua Evolution Time Line chihuahua name is vanilla salt nieves
Submitted by Robert Adams
Peanut...The Little Democrat
Submitted by Risa Castagno
Bosco running for President - Bosco is a fun loving dog. He is with the Good Dog Foundation. He visits people in Nursing Homes and Hospitals. Is always giving love to everyone who needs it.
Submitted by Marissa Boulware
Gus the Repuglican.
Submitted by Anne Louise Sewell
This is Bodhi, the Republican Chihuahua. Not only is his favorite bandana a Republican bandana, he has taken over every red blanket in my condo! McCainine all the way!
Submitted by Janet Mcmurray
Ladybug leads the "Spots for Obama" campaign in Ohio.
Submitted by Janelle Marcello
Min-Pin's for Obama!
Submitted by Melanie Zysk
Holly is voting for Obama. We want the war to end. Too many of our soilders were killed. We need to send the boys to Lousianna and get that state back on their feet.
Submitted by Greer Dietrich
"Don't forget to Vote" Woodrow, aka Woody, our 11 year old miniature dauchound's telling everyone to get out and Vote November 4th.
Submitted by Laura Heuchan
My deaf Aussie is an ardent Democrat, he supported Hillary and now he is all for Obama/Biden. He does not like Pitbulls who wear lipstick.
Submitted by Anonymous
Shadow looking to the future!
Submitted by Caroline Marquez
Rosie wants you to vote Obama/Biden!!
Submitted by MJ Wynne
Our White German Shepherd, Pete, doing his best Uncle Sam impersonation.
Submitted by Tracey Cole
Chloe, auditioning for First Dog!!
Submitted by Anonymous
Jake Votes for Obama and naps
Submitted by Lauren LaRose
GO McCAIN!!!!!!
Submitted by Susan Smith
Barack Obama has guaranteed more dog treats for me and my friends! Yes, I am a Democratic Dog!
Submitted by adam jeffries
Little Hairless Dogs for Obama
Submitted by Erika Healy
Coby voted for Obama!
Submitted by Stephanie Genung
The littlest Republican.
Submitted by Anonymous
Mama's Obama Dogs
Submitted by Jeff Payne
Submitted by Marcia VanOsten
Donny with his handmade "Boutique Mice" Politcal Campaign Party Mice, trying to make his decision, which varies day by day! "Boutique Mice" can be found here:
Submitted by Anonymous
I might not be able to vote, but I can sure bark my support!
Submitted by Nate Hanley
Proud cat.
Submitted by Anonymous
Gus loves Obama!
Submitted by Anonymous
Diesel supporting his favorite candidate!
Submitted by Anonymous
George thinks it's unfair that he and his fellow birds can't vote, but he still loves his country. Go Obama!
Submitted by Anonymous
Tess, our Cavalier King Charles, is a proud supporter of Senator Barack Obama for President of the United States of America.
Submitted by Lynn Pedone
Frankie leads Pugs for Obama in Santa Barbara, CA
Submitted by Brenda Ross
Teddy is named after Ted Kennedy. He is only 5 months old but at his young age, is an Obama supporter. He is a rescue and hopes that the Obama family will choose a rescue dog to be part of the family.


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