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Submitted by Anonymous
got scared when i walked next door to grave yard of bad kids and beer cans
Submitted by Lesley Watson
This is a barn I came across during a road trip in Kentucky near Georgetown.

Submitted by Anonymous
This picture was taken by me at Fort Columbia State Park in Chinook, Wash. Notice the big orb looks like it is behind the bars.
Submitted by Jeremy Jones
Not necessarily haunted, but Dachau Concentration camp ranks high on my chilling scale.
Submitted by Anonymous
We went here on Halloween last year and got so spooked! My kids were acting like monkeys without their bananas! Then to make matters scarier, some old lady came out wearing a with hat! My kids thought she was a witch and ran around screaming. I will never forget last year.
Submitted by Ashleigh Stewart
This is a picture of the balcony at Ford's Theatre in Washington, DC. The balcony is the place where President Abraham Lincoln was shot. Three orbs appear in this picture. The one orb on the upper left appears as if there is a facial image. This picture was taken in the summer of 2007.
Submitted by Courtney Anderson
This picture was taken while I was on a ghost tour in Salem, Mass. last month. Notice the milky white orb next to the tombstone.
Submitted by Carin Steele
This is our family in Salem, MA...Very witchy!!!

Submitted by jeff pontsler
Upsidedown Pumpkin Scarecrow
Submitted by Sallie Carey
We saw this creepy Moray Eel while snorkeling on Grand Cayman.

Submitted by Ted Stedman
In Panama, I explored a partly submerged jungle cave and came upon this huge spider. With its outstretched legs, this creepy thing was the size of a large grapefruit. It was all I could do to get close enough to take this photo.
Submitted by Ted Stedman
Along Colorado's Front Range there are several corn mazes with spooky surprises like this....Booo!

Submitted by Eddie Trujillo
Weird happenings in a home in San Diego, CA.
Submitted by Christianna Jackson
Our jack-o-lantern takes first prize at the Allan Fall Harvest Party.
Submitted by Gene Ruiz
Jack-O-Lantern Blaze 08 @ Van Cortland Manor, Croton-On-Hudson, NY.
Submitted by Zach Eichelberger
Getting shaky in a Tokyo graveyard at dusk.

Submitted by Carolyn Fridman
I caught this guy spinning a web at our house in Costa Rica.
Submitted by Anonymous
Train Station Ghoul at Worlds Of Fun in Kansas City, MO
Submitted by Anonymous
When I unrolled my towel at the beach in Costa Rica, I found a stowaway.
Submitted by David Lotker
Crossing a bridge over the Danumbe in Budapest, this was one of hundreds of spiders "setting up shop" on a warm summer evening.
Submitted by John Stetson
Our moon setting (over witches brooms, the tops of Pine trees). The trees were two miles away on Raymond Cape across Jordan Bay on Sebago Lake in Southern Maine.
Submitted by Anonymous
This was taken in Gettysburg on a battlefield using a digital camera. There were no visible lights in the area, no people around and that is not a road behind them, just a field. We still cannot figure out what the objects are and how they got there without us seeing them. One looks like a three headed dog (in red) and an angel (in green).


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