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Image: Obama family
President-elect Barack Obama walks on stage at his victory celebration in Chicago with his wife, Michelle, and their daughters, Malia and Sasha.
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Why We Vote
24 Americans tell how they make their ballot decisions.

Are you going to Washington, D.C. for President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration? If so, we want to hear from you.

  NBC team behind Making Your Vote Count
October 31: Rehema Ellis introduces you to the Making Your Vote Count team and what it's all about.

  Paying attention to Making Your Vote Count
Nov. 3: The Making Your Vote Count team reports on the problems voters may encounter on election day.

  Learn more

Want to find your polling place? Or have a problem with your registration? For information or to report voting problems, can help.

  NBC News video
  'Lying to you and trying to steal your vote'
Nov. 3: Rachel Re: Whatever misconceptions you hear about voting, one thing is clear -- vote November 4th , and don’t listen to anyone who tries to tell you otherwise.
  Early voting snafus a sign of things to come?
Nov. 2: As NBC’s Rehema Ellis reports, there are concerns that high voter turnout could translate into problems at the polls in key states.
  Gore: 'Every vote matters'
Oct. 31: Campaigning in Florida for Barack Obama, Al Gore tells the audience that "elections matter," and urges each person to exercise their right to vote.
  Making your vote count: Debunking the myths
Oct. 29: As voter turnout grows, so have the rumors and confusion surrounding the election. NBC's Rehema Ellis separates the facts from the fiction that threaten to keep some people away from the polls.
  Make sure your vote counts
Oct. 29: Find out how to make sure your vote counts this presidential election. NBC’s Rehema Ellis reports.
  Will misinformation hurt youth voter turnout?
Oct. 28: College campuses like Virginia Tech and Drexel University reported cases of voter confusion and intimidation. Rachel Maddow calls out the suppression tactics with Student Association for Voter Empowerment’s Matthew Segal.
  Blocking the vote
Oct. 21: Talk me down: Could voter suppression cost Barack Obama the election? Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who wrote an article on the subject in “Rolling Stone” magazine, and is the author of "Steal Back Your Vote," tries to talk Rachel down.
  105 years old and still voting
Oct. 24: A Florida woman who cast her first presidential vote in 1924 has watched 18 men take their turn in the White House but is not revealing who she is picking for number 19. WBBH's Adam Freeman reports.
Election A to Z
Do you have questions about the election process? We'll answer them.

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