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Decision '08: Election night

McCain, Obama trade battleground wins

Image: McCain And Obama
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John McCain called on the government to buy up Americans’ bad mortgages and renegotiate new loans that reflect their homes’ diminished value in an effort to reverse his sagging fortunes. Full story

First Read: Obama nears magic number

Down Ballot: Where key races stand

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Obama Holds Final Primary Night Event In St. Paul
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Obama, McCain supporters scuffle
Ballots confusing voters -- again
Newsweek: Tomorrow is key day
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How to cope with the day after

With half the country crying and the other half celebrating, how are people supposed to behave? Full story


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    Google drops Yahoo ad partnership

    Google is abandoning a planned advertising partnership with struggling Yahoo in the face of a looming antitrust challenge by the government.

    San Antonio Spurs v Phoenix Suns
    NBAE via Getty Images
    World news

    Karzai: Air strike kills 37

    Afghanistan's president said Wednesday that 37 people were killed and many wounded in a bombing this week aimed at Taliban fighters in the Kandahar province.

    Books in TODAY

    Author Michael Crichton dies

    Prolific novelist and "ER" creator Michael Crichton has unexpectedly died after a private battle with cancer. He was 66.

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