Video: John Cleese- actor, comedian, poet


John Cleese makes a return visit to Countdown with Keith Olbermann to discuss the 2008 election and to share a new poem he's been working on about Bill O'Reilly's evaporating viewership:

Bill O'Reilly's No Spin Zone is rated highly
by his own beloved mother,
but no other. 

Except that Bill for all his faults
still has one skill, a skill of sort:
He can amuse a true dull ox,
the dullest crayon in the box,
the kind of ox that watches Fox.

And Bill will pander to this group
with propaganda, right wing poop,
knee jerk views and censored news. 

Thus, Bill O`Reilly earns his trust,
behaving vilely as me must. 
He will not shirk from Rupert`s work. 

He really is a perfect Burke.

© 2013


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