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Submitted by Lisa Sinclair
Dragons found in the Golden Triangle (Thailand, Laos and Mynamar).
Submitted by Alva Ciepley
Lincoln Park Conservatory Christmas Show
Submitted by Tushit Jain
Submitted by Jeff Bergsman
Cambodian style castle in Thailand
Submitted by Marjorie Smith
Pont Neuf in Paris on a glorious day in September, 2003.
Submitted by Thomas Kotzur
Sunrise at Newfound Gap in The Great Smokie Mountains.
Submitted by John Paskey
Momma and child. A rare calm moment from the marauding baboons of Yankari National Park in Northern Nigeria.
Submitted by Elizabeth Stephenson
Peaceful Sunset in Sorrento
Submitted by Vanessa Ramos
Isabella, Puerto Rico

Submitted by Joshua Taboga
Nebel Tor- (German: Nebel-Fog; Tor-Gate)
Submitted by Jorge Gomez
View of El Morro, Old San Juan
Submitted by Lori Walden
This is Cullasaja Falls near Highlands North Carolina.
Submitted by Brian Fitzpatrick
Coastal hike in Maui, HI this past September. We had hiked a few miles from any form of civilization and were rewarded with this beautiful sunset.
Submitted by Anonymous
Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan State Park, Sept. 09
Submitted by Marie Glasby
View of the unexpected Our cruise detoured to Messina, Italy to avoid a storm. Europe's largest active volcano was visible that day.
Submitted by Deborah Roesch
Mykonos, Greece
Submitted by Christina Epperson
Yellowstone Wooly Bear
Submitted by Laura Clegg
Lucky Peak
Submitted by Ilya Pinchuk
Sunset in Alaska
Submitted by Gail Orenstein
I was travelling in Sri Lanka, in the capital Colombo and there were these beautiful traditional dancers at the cultural center, Kohombakankariya style dancers . In the 4th century B.C. during the period of pandukabhaya people used dancing in to get rid of natural disasters, sickness etc. Just one of the many beautiful traditions still left in a very very old and beautiful country.
Submitted by Robert Mauck
Beautiful sunset over the mountains near Mexicali, Mexico. Shot from a camping trip in the valley California side.
Submitted by Christina Warren
Seattle Washington Nov. 2008: Pikes Place Market Breathtaking Fall Colors


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