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Submitted by David Masche
Red-Tailed Hawk
Submitted by rita winmill
Sunset at Tahiti bay
Submitted by April Christopher
Wizard Island, Crater Lake National Park
Submitted by Andrew Morrell
A pair of pants drying in the hot Costa Rican sun, in the town of Tarcoles along the Pacific Coast.
Submitted by Patric McPoland
Balloon over Namibia
Submitted by guy belegaud
During our summer vacation in France we had the privilege to be in Paris and enjoy the Eiffel Tower.
Submitted by Laurie Matthews
The Alvord Desert on the east side of the Steens Mountains during a road trip through eastern Oregon.
Submitted by Patrick Flanigan
An old Kentucky railroad
Submitted by Lar Matre
Park Avenue, Arches National Park, Moab, Utah. Shot on Kodachrome film. Photograph © Lar Matre
Submitted by Ryan McQueen
Vernazza in Cinque Terre, Italy
Submitted by Jason LoVerdi
Sunset in Luang Prabang, Laos (UNESCO World Heritage Site) on the Mekong River -- photo taken atop Mount Phousi.
Submitted by John Collins
This surprised fisherman was trying his luck on the south jetty of Shark River Inlet in Belmar, NJ in October 2008 when one very large wave startled him into pulling up his gear and moving further back for safety. I was passing thru Belmar, where I'd spent my summers as a child, on my way to a meeting in Atlantic City. I also got some shots and had lunch at Barnegat Lighthouse that day. The weather was perfect and warm for October at the shore.
Submitted by Lonneke Muller
My backyard in the early morning fog. Meridian, MS, USA
Submitted by Joe Loudermilk
Carnival Mask, Venice Italy
Submitted by Anonymous
East shore, Oahu, Hawaii. July 2008
Submitted by Elaine Shen
After sunset, in Santorini, Greece. Taken from Oia, with a view of Fira in the distance.
Submitted by Tiffany Guy
Photo of butterfly in the mountains of Puerta Vallarta.
Submitted by Wayne Boardman
Portland Head Light in Portland, Maine near sunset.
Submitted by Cheryl Yee
Puerto Vallarta malecon at sunset, Dec.2008
Submitted by Hugh Faulkner
Hong Kong at night, Sept 2008
Submitted by Jen Davidson
Winter Wonderland
Submitted by Alfred Wells
Sunset from cruise ship - Mediteranean Sea
Submitted by Spencer Pendergrass
While traveling on the Big Island in Hawaii, my daughter and I ventured to a spot where the rangers said we MIGHT get to see some lava, but mostly they said it would be steam. So we felt lucky to get a glimpse of mother nature in action.
Submitted by Brian Passwaters
Sunrise in Monument Valley Taken Sept. 2008
Submitted by Reid Garton
Looking into Mt. Kilimanjaro's crater.
Submitted by Shirley Dowling
Taken looking through a culvert under the roadway on Dingle Peninsula, Ireland.
Submitted by Mike Schweitzer
Gator in the Everglades
Hoover Dam Boulder, Nevada
Submitted by Jeremiah Cunningham
Last light fading on Mount Everest in Nepal as a full moon rises along side of it. This was perhaps one of the greatest days of my life. It took 10 days to reach base camp and several more hiding from Blizzards. Including this day. but 2 hours before sunset the skies cleared and me and two friends ran For the Kalapatar Overlook. This is the moment we reached the top. What a great day to witness.
Submitted by veronica matovich
Danish Field
Submitted by Lisa Mapes
Another beautiful South Westerly sunset over the Phoenix Mountain Preserves in Phoenix, AZ.
Submitted by Anonymous
Collisium in Rome Italy
Submitted by Karen Bowers
Pier on Rum Cay, Bahamas, April 2008
Submitted by Renee wooster
Naples, FL Absolutely beautiful sunsets.
Submitted by danielle cochran
Mormon Temple over Snake River, Idaho Falls, ID
Submitted by Catherine Botta
Photo taken on a gondola in Banff, Alberta, Canada.
Submitted by gaye reily
first day of sunlight south of Hammerfest Norway
Submitted by Anonymous
Phuket, Thailand: Big Budah at sunset.
Submitted by TR Keagle
Summer in the Peruvian Andes. Traveling in the mountains between Machu Pichu and Cuzco.
Submitted by Chris White
Roatan Honduras Bay Island Beach Resort Dive boats at sunsett
Submitted by Beth Ragbourn
A view of Grinnell Glacier and its glacial falls on a hike in Glacier National Park


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