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Image: Obama and Bo
  First 100 days
Striking images from President Barack Obama’s jam-packed first 100 days in office, including a surprise trip to Iraq, a visit with Queen Elizabeth II, a handshake with Hugo Chavez, and the arrival of a new dog at the White House.

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100 days timeline interactive
A president's first days in office can be defined by landmark victories — or memorable failures. Explore our timeline gauging hits and misses from Roosevelt to Obama.

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Obama administration
View, clip and share major speeches and addresses from President Obama’s first 100 days, as well as other current political and economic news.
Video: White House  
White House Stresses Obama’s Oregon Visit Not Political
Press Secretary Josh Earnest is asked about the purpose of President Obama’s upcoming trip to Roseburg, Ore., to meet with victims’ families of the recent mass shooting at Umpqua Community College.

Obama's Cabinet
Who are in the key roles?

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