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Submitted by Sahir Azam
In route to Torres del Paine National Park, Chile
Submitted by Rachel Tuck
Monk Seal North Shore, Oahu
Submitted by marjorie rogers
mist in the morning light
Submitted by Manuel Antunez
"La Llovizna" Fall, Puerto Ordaz, Bolivar State,Venezuela
Submitted by Wesley Smith
Sunset on the James R. Richmond Va
Submitted by stephanie taylor
Half Moon Bay at sunset
Submitted by Patricia Appelbaum
Timna Park is located approximately 25 kilometers north of Eilat, in the middle of the Red Sea Desert. The horseshoe-shaped park, created by tectonic plate movement tens of millions of years ago, spreads out over an area of 60 square kilometers and is part of the Syrian-African rift. This extraordinary locale contains within it an astonishing "window" to the geology of the region. On one side are tall, dark, jagged granite peaks. Lying opposite, the softer, rounded red and white sandstone stripes festoon the park. The spectacular landscape of acacia trees and desert plants, along with herds o
Submitted by Catherine Cox
Lagoon at Hel-Ha, Cancun Mexico
Submitted by Marla Kenney
After the storm at a Jacksonville State University football game in Jacksonville, Alabama. We sat through the cold storm during the game and then the sunset appeared like a blaze of glory.
Submitted by shelby standefer
Lighthouse on Kauai
Submitted by Kathy Campbell
Oahu Sunset......
Submitted by Chintan Patel
Sydney Harbor Bridge - Sydney, Australia. Go to www.ChiniCreations.com - Portfolio for more pictures.
Submitted by Anonymous
My wedding spot, at sunset. South of Lucia, Big Sur, California on October 4, 2008. Photographer Nicole Woodson Olthof, Carmel Valley, California.
Submitted by Rod Caborn
La Boca, Buenos Aires, icons greet visitors
Submitted by Vee Miller
Elephants being washed in Chiang Mai Thailand
Submitted by Cathy Wittel
Twilight on Maui beach south of Lahaina
Submitted by MaryBeth Polcari-Gebbia
Sunburst of color. Taken in Sienna, Italy on our honeymoon.
Submitted by Jessi Hinz
Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden, Bavaria, Germany
Submitted by Megan Holecko
Sunset over Florence, Italy from Piazzale Michelangelo.
Submitted by Charles Durfor
A young bald eagle sits atop a cannon at the birthplace of America, Jamestown, VA.
Submitted by Grace Gan
3-month old baby camel and nomads inside their tent. Sahara Desert, Morocco.
Submitted by Anonymous
Frost Covered Webs decorate an old shed in Hannover, Germany.
Submitted by Sam DeCroes
Submitted by Skip and Meg Whittington
Summertime 2008 in Kobern-Gondorf, Germany
Submitted by Richard Miller
Ronda Spain gorge
Submitted by Clay Shinn
Hermit crab on the beach in Tonga
Submitted by Anonymous
Last month we went up in the forest to get our Christmas tree near Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington. Since the weather had been warmer than we usually have in December, we were able to get up much higher than normal and still not see any snow. We came over a hill and were hit with this gorgeous view of Mt. Rainier. It was just a good of view from this little forest road as it is in the Park.
Submitted by Susan Staub
Ephesus, Turkey - Celsus Library Ruin
Submitted by Joanna Malsch
Street children sifting through clothes abandoned outside the Russian Market in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Many children spend their days sorting through trash inside and outside the market, hoping to earn money by collecting recyclable materials. These children have made an unusual find and seem to be enjoying the moment in an otherwise arduous day.
Submitted by Janet Sadowski
USHUAIA, ARGENTINA -- "The End of the World" Furthest south inhabited place on earth.
Submitted by Michael Sheldon
This man seems to hit all the traditional notes about life in Old Cairo.
Submitted by Patrick Reed
I took this picture at the renowned Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands. Reported to be the most photographed location on earth - with more than 6 million new tulip bulbs planted each year - the Keukenhof is a must see for spring travelers to western Europe.
Submitted by Tracy Creighton
View of Capri from Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy
Submitted by Mariel Clayton
Sunset off temple eaves in Kyoto, Japan.
Submitted by John Bankson
Kayaking Lake Caddo in deep East Texas, I captured this photo of a beautiful lily pad in bloom.

Submitted by Bill Frank
Historic stairwell in Ariel Rios Building, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Triangle, Washington, D.C.


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