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Submitted by Doug Barnum
Hozu River Tour Boat tours down Hozu River from Kameoka to Arashiyama, Japan take roughly two hours, leading through a picturesque canyon and over rapids. My wife and I shared this symphony of nature and culture.
Submitted by Anonymous
My soon to be fiancé and I went to Oahu, Hawaii for two weeks last summer, right after finals at Texas Christian University. We both study engineering, so this was such a change from struggling to make time for one another between classes and studying. We spent the entire trip just enjoying the opportunity to be together, and experiencing Oahu on a thrifty budget (we had won the trip as part of a timeshare sales pitch, otherwise we never could have afforded it). Mostly we just drove from beach to beach, watching the waves and getting to know each other all over again. This trip will always hol
Submitted by Anonymous
Our love was at its height in picturesque Portofino, Italy...the beautiful scenery of colorful flowers, trees, Italian houses. It was the 1st port of call on our honeymoon vacation. When pulling in the port, we could immediately tell it would be such a romantic destination. The picture is a self-portrait, reflective of our love, as we share a kiss in a private location (see our ship in the background). We walked along a cobblestone path from the main part of town to a lighthouse, where we shared our 1st taste of authentic Italian gelato. The long, leisurely walks around allowed us to shar
Submitted by Anonymous
My significant other is in the US Navy and Deployed. I was able to meet him during his deployment in Lisbon, Portugal. Where we were able to see a beatiful country rich in history.
Submitted by tom johnson
Private Island off of Ta'ha in Tahiti. The most romantic place on earth
Submitted by Anonymous
Cancun, Mexico
Submitted by Omar Ortiz
My girlfriend (at the time) had never been to Europe. For close to two years we planned a two week trip starting in Paris and travelling south throughout Italy with our final destination being Rome. At the time of our trip we had been dating 5 years, but she had no idea that I was thinking of proposing. She had decided to go back to school and as a result we decided to postpone an engagement and the resulting wedding. On the third day of our trip, while we stood in the Louvre in front of the Mona Lisa, I suprised her with the proposal. This photo was taken atop the Arc de Triomphe, just
Submitted by Brian Pitre
Riding horses on Pacific coast of Costa Rica.
Submitted by Kay Reynolds
What is more romantic then Niagra Falls?! We went for our 19th anniversary.
Submitted by Hiram Wong
Last August I suprised my girlfriend with a surprise trip to the jungles of Xilitla in Central Mexico. We had seen some amazing things in a National Geographic magazine and wanted to check it out for ourselves. So I booked the trip and the whole experience was just magical. After about a 1 hr walk through some amazing scenery we stumbled upon a waterfall. (My girlfriend loves waterfalls.) And it was there that I proposed to her and asked a local guide to take this picture for us. By far the most romantic thing we've ever experienced. We're getting married this July in Indonesia.
Submitted by Andrew Steinberg
Anniversary getaway in Turks-Caicos...in a word: "ahhhhhhhhhh."
Submitted by Josh Ratliff
Could it be any more romantic than below the Eiffel Tower? From where we were standing, this was the best way to capture the moment and an amazing structure.
Submitted by Toby Hill
Wife and I rode from Houston,TX to the Rocky Mountain on a motorcyle to that secluded mountain overlooking a pass. Alone and spellbound we reccollected all the hard times endured to now enjoy that time day solitude.
Submitted by Johnny Booker
I, Johnny Booker, am a technology teacher from Texas and a world traveler. Elena Vilkova is counter-terror for Israel of Russian blood but born and grew up in Baku, Azerbaijan. She also sports a packed passport. I proposed to her on Red Square, Moscow at a minute before midnight New Year's Eve 2005 at a party of thousands and thousands. She said, "Yes!" and the fireworks went off. Later, as we set the date for the wedding in 2008, we told a friend in England we were coming from the USA to England to get married so that many of our friends there could attend and to make the wedding more excitin
Submitted by Zina Atwood
My sweetheat and me with the sun going down in Maui. Our first luau. We ate until we burst!
Submitted by Chris Vestal
On the top of the Aria hotel at the Coda Restaurant in Prague. For my honeymoon in august 2008.
Submitted by James Derrick
Is there any more romantic place in the U.S. than San Francisco?
Submitted by Robin Mitchell-Noonon
St. John (Trunk Bay) at sunset in the U.S. Virgin Islands My husband and I decided to spend all of our money on our honeymoon instead of a big fancy wedding because we both had been married before and knew the stress planning a wedding. We also knew the stress of trying to coordinate with friends and relatives so we decided our best bet was to plan a romantic trip to the USVI. The views were breath taking and we went when it was carnival time so we saw fireworks overlooking the ocean on our wedding night. The people on St. John Bay were so nice and accomadating-we had a couple see us and send


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